View Full Version : M14 2 mag pouches? interest?

May 13, 2004, 07:29
I have what I believe to be 2 mag army pouches for the M14. The pouches hold 2 FAL mags perfect, are made of heavy canvas type material and have a loop on either side for grenades (guessing). They are marked US, any worth of these to anyone? Are they what I think they are? Thanks for any info

May 13, 2004, 08:14
If it's got the US ALICE clip belt attachments and a pull-tab to secure the top flap, then it sure sounds like the standard US-issue M14 pouch.
I still see these at gun shows and flea markets for ~$5 ea. But some people are thinking that they are collectible on eBay at over $10ea.
Good, durable pouches.

May 13, 2004, 09:25
Thats them. Thanks for the info

May 13, 2004, 18:49
There's actually 2 different canvas double M14 mag pouches that are like that. The earlier ones are a much better fit, they were made just for 2 M-14 mags. The later ones are called "universal" pouches, most will say "universal" in the markings inside the cover. These were made to fit 2-M14 mags or 4-30rd Carbine mags and because of that fact, are a little looser fit.
In excellent condition, early M14 pouches are worth $15+ea and are hard to find. The same condition "universal" pouch can be found for $5-6ea and are very common. TON's of universals were made, even today some surplus stores still have crates of these things !!

May 13, 2004, 22:04
There are several diffrent styles like Yovinny mentioned. The really early ones had a materal to stiffen the front and had metal gromets in the pull tab tounge (sp?). I haven't found too much diffrence in fit, but I believe yovinny, there are wide variation in these sorts of things.


Da Nerd
May 16, 2004, 03:24
I think some had a patch of canvas sewn on each side so you could put the spoon of a grenade in there...

Bwana John
May 19, 2004, 10:36
I have 2 sizes, the one smaller ones are marked "case, small arms universal" actually fits M-14 mags better. The other cases are bigger and marked "case, small arms" I always thought that the larger cases were for BAR mags, but they do fit 4 30rnd Carbine mags pretty well.