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April 28, 2004, 21:56
found some M14 magazine pouches today at a surplus store about an hours drive from my house, got them, 2 pairs of NEW LBE-2 suspenders and some assorted other items to round out my rig.
setup is as follows:
4 M14 mag pouches, 2 per side 160 rounds plus 20 on board
2 1 QT canteens, 1 per side
1 basic first aid kit in place of buttpack (not enough room for it with a 40" waist)
6" tanto vertical on left suspender
GI lensatic compass in first aid dressing pouch on left suspender
all in all not too bad considering that I have a medium ALICE pack for anything else I need to tote along.

April 29, 2004, 16:57

Sounds very much like my basic LBE load-out!

(L-R), from the buckle/snap
two C-2 dual mag pouches,
Gerber MkII,
I qt. canteen,
Space at back for ?? (room for ALICE, butt-pack, 200 rd. SAW bag, etc.),
one C-2 pouch,
Bianchi 5 count pistol mag carrier,
M-9 holster (?),
one (more) C-2 pouch,

Compass and personal FA kit on one strap,
Gerber (original) boot on L strap.

AS always; there's room for improvement/adjustment :D


April 29, 2004, 20:40
l to r: 2 M14 mag pouches, 1qt canteen, first aid kit, 1 more 1 qt canteen, 2 more M14 mag pouches, one of the few times I ever wished for a larger waist, lol. Then I might have room for my UM84 holster and mags for my .45.
I think I might play with configuration a bit this weekend, hopefully I can manage to get my sidearm in there somewhere, might drop a canteen/move it to the ALICE pack for the extra room, and I thik I still have an old buttpack, M1956 if memory serves, I can stash the first aid kit and spare ammo in there...