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April 28, 2004, 12:23
As some of you know, I'm just now starting to sell off gear in preperation for a complete kit rebuild. Nothing wrong with this gear, I've just decided to go a different route and am looking at upgrading to some more expensive items.
I've been down in the garage trying to sort everything out and have decided to start with this semi-complete setup. I'm having trouble setting a fair price since I've taken pieces from all over and put them together. Some of the items were bought individually and some were parts out of larger groups that I got in other deals over the last year. So, without further waste of time and space here I'll just lay it out for you all and hopefully I'll get a few replies with what you all think would be fair.
Any of you folks who have delt with me know that I'm not the type of guy to try and screw someone, especially a friend from this board. I've been pondering this for a while now and I just decided the best thing to do would be to lay it all out and be as honest as I can with everyone and ask for some help. I hope I'm not breaking any rules here Jen. Please let me know if I am by not posting a price right away and putting it on the wrong forum.
Here goes.
Arktis International DPM camouflage classic commando chest rig. Comes set up with a matching Arktis DPM Field dressing (FFD) pouch on the right shoulder strap with a British issue FFD inside and an Arktis DPM camouflage compass/knife combo pouch on the left.
Items in the rig are, two British issue water bottle's one sitting inside a very hard to track down, British metal cooking mug (Canteen cup). Also included are a folding cookstove with 24 unopened fuel tablets, a British ration and brew kit (B1 Bacon & Beans) Yummy! and a few water purifying tablets.
Also included in this set is a British issue respirator (Gas mask) with a nice, issue carrier also in British DPM camouflage. A perfect match to the chest rig, and a British issue combat smock. This is the current issue DPM camouflage smock with four large pockets up front and two zippered chest pockets (French style) The buttons on the smock have been resewn by me with a stronger, nylon reinforced thread so they won't fall off under stress. The smock size is 190/112.
All of this stuff is in exellent condition as far as I can tell. The Arktis stuff was bought straight from Arktis by me and has never been in the field. The pouch for the gas mask has some fraying on the large padded belt loop on the rear but nothing a bic lighter won't take care of. The smock is also in great condition but is not new. I tested the mask using the seal test I learned in the Infantry and it does seal well. I can't comment on the condition of the filter. I also can't comment on the taste of the British ratpack.
So.... What do you all think? I can keep digging in the garage and add some small odds and ends to the group like face camouflage, maby a couple of NBC decon packets, additional field dressings etc. This is a very nice rig. I just put it all together , packed it up with the above mentioned items, added my USGI compass and Leatherman Super Tool to the combo pouch, threw six FAL mags loaded up with Aussie .308, filled the water bottles and put the whole thing on.
It still wears great. Fully loaded with gear, food , ammo and water it still felt great. I put the reapirator on US M17 style since thats what I know ie with the strap around my waist and it rode perfectly on my left side. I could get it out easily for donning and seal test but it wasn't quite as fast to return to the carrier. Mags were right there three to a pouch. I almost decided right then and there that I wasn't goint to sell it. Had to go look at my Kifaru catalog for a full ten minutes before I could get myself to post this.
Anyway, Sorry for such a long post. I hope some of you fellow "gear queers"
can help me out with this. By the way, Yes, I confess. I did grab my L1A1 and stand infront of the bathroom mirror with the full rig on. Don't any of you say you've never done that.
Take care all,

April 28, 2004, 12:26
By the way,
Stay tuned for another semi-complete group. This time it'll be Falklands Era SAS.
Windproof smock, SAS style belt kit, COP vest etc.