View Full Version : Vest from Custom Tactical Creations

April 16, 2004, 09:25
When i decided to lay down some cash for a nice vest i looked at all the usual companys and decided i didnt want a universal vest with pouches that would fit anything from an AK to a Fal. So i contacted Roger at Custom Tactical Creations to get a custom vest. Roger spent a great deal of time getting an exact description of what i wanted. I wanted a vest that was tank tough and that could be switched from 223 mags to 308 mags and that did not use much velcro.
The vest came to me next day air, and to say its a work of art is no justice.The pouches are full flaped and fit the mags perfectly, switching them out taked 3 minuets via Annex clips. there is way to much to list on this vest so if someone will host pics for me i will sent them. I would recomend Roger to anyone who wants the best custom gear you can get at what i would consider a reasonable cost. Thanks. Kramer