View Full Version : Ident/Aussie: identify this L1A1 (mostly Aussie)

December 09, 2001, 12:15
wood furniture,spf 7680 behind the selector,,underneath the weapon is a crossed flag and the letters bba,,,sn ad710xxxx,,all matching sn.s and thats all i can find for now,,seen this at a gun show and doesnt fall within the sn.s for the exempted ones and the rcvr is sear cut but the selector is made not to go to full auto position and the and will not slam fire because the selector is a semi version,,no doubt a le rifle that has been exposed to the gen public but i was curios as to who made it,,thanks gregg in ohio

December 09, 2001, 12:20
Sounds like an Australian Rifle. There were SOME legal semi's built in Australia for export, I believe.

Somebody help me out, am I remembering this right?

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December 09, 2001, 12:33
AD71XXXXX is an Australian. SKennerton's book IDs most, if not all, the Imports. Where and how is the RECEIVER numbered. There are only two correct receiver SN-marking techniques.

Sounds a bit too good to be true.

Brian in MN
December 09, 2001, 17:58
There are no legal sear cut Aussies. None. Poyers, Eden Imports and Onyx guns are all marked L1A1A, all have the ABN body batch mark and none of them are sear cut.

NZ L1A1 Collector
December 09, 2001, 22:09
It's an EX Singapore Police Force Issued rifle (S.P.F. Rifle No. 7680). and the serial number range is right.

The two lots Singapore got during that range are:
AD7103833 - AD7104412
AD7104419 - AD7104833

So it must fall into either of these purchased groups of rifles

The Steel Batch Mark (SBM) on the underside and forward of the mag well should read ABA (or Similar) NOT bba as this is NOT an issued SBM.

The crossed flags is the Lithgow Small Arms factory Proof mark.

It sounds like this could be an Illigal rifle so be careful .... This is NOT a PreBan POYER imported rifle!