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March 16, 2004, 12:20
I'm working on revamping my load carrying system now that I have a new L1A1 sitting here. Use to depend on a Bushy AR15 but now the FAL has taken over as my primary. Steyr SSG69 (Original green stocked variant) still handles all the distance though. I currently have an Arktis classic chest rig and a set of British PLCE in olive green as well as my Falklands Era SAS belt order and COP vest.
The problem I'm having is making anything compatible with my pack.
Dijon (Mrs.Broadsword) and I both now have Berghaus Cyclops bergens that we like alot. They seem to ride higher than say my Lowe Alpine Vector or Tactical Tailor modified Large ALICE but still not enough to prevent them from sitting right on top of my rear pouches on the PLCE. The chest rig solves this problem but the large padded shoulder straps on the chest rig end up riding up around my neck and I think thats even worse. I know Tactical Tailor makes the MAV which is a modular chest rig with non-padded shoulder straps. I've been looking into it a bit playing around with different configurations in my head while looking it over on the web site but can't commit just yet. Still have to sell of a couple more items to finance the Drop Zone Reece smock and Ops pants.
Anyone have experience or insight on the various modular systems out there?

March 16, 2004, 21:28
Get a MAV, I recomend the two peice and get the X harness, which is a padded harness that replaces the standard two strap affair. The two peice is far better than the one peice, it is more like an LBE combined with a vest. You can open it up for cooling or low crawling. I'be been using a MAV for about 4 years now and it works great for just about anything. If you get the stock set up from a place like lightfighter.com the three magazine pouches can hold two FAL mags (just like any other) or you can get another PALS compatble pouch to work for you. The MAV is best used with out belt kit, or very little. Works well with packs.

John Randolph
March 16, 2004, 21:35
Ditto what mrf said.

Get the two piece MAV with the padded yoke harness. TT has modular pouches for 7.62 NATO.

It's simply the most comfortable LBV I've ever used. More than that it holds everything very tight to the body, with no rattling moving around. All of this is in addition to the top quality service and manufacture that TT provides.

IMHO Tactical Tailor is far and away the best manufacturer of Tac gear available.