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February 20, 2004, 08:16
Friend of mine here at work wants to record what his son (16/17) is saying during instant messaging. What kind of software/freeware is available for him?


February 20, 2004, 09:54
as a boss of mine at company where I used to work always said, "don't ask the question if you don't really want to know the answer!"

seriously though...

if you're internet literate, do a Google search on "IM keystroke logger"

if you're not internet literate, here's a quick overview.

on the software side, there are *lots* of for-pay and freebie programs. some of the freebie an not quite so free one are at the www.cnet.com download site, here is a readymade link:


all of the software programs can be detected by software, so if there's a degree of computer literacy involved, it's going to be hard to slip by. also, depending on the IM software itself, you can get in and configure it to save all 'conversations' for history. (this last would be the easiest solution!)

there is another possibility, it's a small adapter that looks like a keyboard plug that goes inbetween the keyboard plug and the computer. 95% of all computer users will look at it and not see it. it records all keystrokes, then you remove it later and down load it.

some folks are probably going to say I shouldn't be making this information so public, but seriously...are you running Ad-Aware or Spybot on the PC's you use to detect any spy software running in the background? do you get on a physically unsecured PC in an office and enter passwords to your mail, this board, *your bank or PayPal account*

scary world, ain't it?

email or PM if any other questions.

February 20, 2004, 17:30
if your able to log in under his name yahoo's im program archives the conversations.its as easy as pulling down a menu.dont know if the others are like that.