View Full Version : anybody know anything about laws and 3-wheelers?

February 19, 2004, 21:10
I know way off topic, but I can get a 3-wheeler pretty cheap here in PA and am wondering where I can find out if it is legal to ride here or not----any info or sites would be helpful--thanks

February 19, 2004, 21:47
I do know, the law of gravity does not work well for 3 wheelers. Now 4 wheelers hold their value really well ( I can not get one for a decent price in MI ) 3 wheelers got a wee bit of a bad rap but I think in moderation it should be a fun and usefull mooochine.

Good luck, a spade is a spade and a jack is a jack

February 19, 2004, 23:02
As far as I know there are not any laws against riiding them. I got my first one when I was 4 and since have gone through four others. Still have two of them. The are lots of fun and although they are more prone to tipping than a 4 wheeler, you have to be doing something pretty wrong to flip one.

February 19, 2004, 23:07
We've got a couple from a trade. They are lots of fun. Only laws apply to not selling new ones. Don't try to be "joe motocross" on these things. They work great for trail riding and such.

February 19, 2004, 23:27
like anything else, there is always regulation on the operation of them.........as for licencing, registration etc, check the links:


Odd Gibbs Shooter
February 20, 2004, 00:04
I have rode one for years, Honda 250r and a Honda 350x. They are great fun. No problems ever buying or selling the used ones.

Just remember to never stick your foot out like you would do on a bike!!

Rode many thousands of miles out in the Oregon dunes!!!


February 20, 2004, 02:38
You can ride a three wheeler anywhere a four wheeler can go because they have the same ORV sticker permit to ride in designated state riding areas. I have a 2000 Honda 416ex, an 85 Honda 350X, and an 84 Honda 250R. I enjoy riding the three wheelers a lot, because they can turn sharper and I like to power slide them in the corners on dirt roads. If you get a three wheeler try to get a 350x or a liquid cooled 250R, you'll get used to riding them and have a blast hitting the dunes or trails. Also, they're collector items as well.

Ian Sean
February 20, 2004, 04:05
If you are really hung up on 3 wheels, there are conversions kits for some of the models to rebuild the front end to make them 4-wheelers.

February 20, 2004, 10:23
The only restrictions concerning three wheelers here in Pa., is that dealers are not allowed to sell them due to the "saftey issues" that sprang up after some idiots injured themselves doing stupid things on them. A few years back, my brother in law and I were at a local bike shop, checking out 4 wheelers, and the service dept. guy took us into the basement, they had a few rebuilds down there, where they had a room full of three wheelers, most were trade ins, a couple were off the showroom floor. After the new regs went into efect, they were stuck with them, and the factory did not want the assembled show room models back, only the crated ones, some of those trade ins were in excellent condition, just rotting away.

Three wheelers are a blast to rideand as safe as a 4 wheeler as long as the rider used common sense.

February 20, 2004, 14:49
You'll probably have a hard time finding someone to insure it at a reasonable price. Don't let anyone ride it without insurance.