View Full Version : Whats a "Izzy" heavy kit and a STG 58 worth ??

September 10, 2001, 20:30
Both are in Very good condition with all parts present minus the Receiver of course .

September 10, 2001, 20:44
well you know how the 3 most important things in real estate are ;
1) location
2) location
3) location
with kits it's, condition, condition, condition except not as easy to quantify. So a picture is worth a thousand words.
PS sorry i just got a cliche thing going at the moment :)

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September 10, 2001, 20:47
Really depends on how long you want to have them up for sale and who is looking at the moment. My guess is $225-275 on the STG depending on exact condition. The Izzy,Well Nortridge has a few kits for around $450 I think.And the Izzy guy has really really nice kits for upwards of $1100

September 10, 2001, 20:51
As long as all the parts are Israeli and not a mix of metric parts. The Israeli is fetching anywhere from 599 - 800

The STG would depend on exterior finish, interal wear and bore condition. I've seen some excellent kits from MA parts selling at $350.

September 10, 2001, 21:00
KC I saw a few of M&A parts $350 kits (at least the 3 I saw at the show) were brand new.Definitly no refinish needed.

September 10, 2001, 21:07
I recently obtained an STG58 kit for $325.00 (delivered). Kit was arsenal new, very few handling marks (99+% finish), and appeared to be virtually unfired.

Is is worth it? Depends on what you want.

September 10, 2001, 21:16
The STG-58 kit is a M+A kit that I bought a year or so ago and is Matching #'s The Izzy is all "Izzy" and is a complete kit not a kit put togther from parts here and there . I'm thinking about selling to buy some Computer upgrades , I know, and yes, of all things a miss most in my life , it is my mind !! : 0 )

Dean P
September 10, 2001, 21:27
Are you buying or selling? If you are selling email me.