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  1. Napolitano: Internet monitoring needed to fight homegrown terrorism.
  2. No more checks to Dead People--Obama
  3. A Question
  4. Obamas Rules of Engagement
  5. What is Barry up to now?
  6. McChrystal gone
  7. Fore
  8. One Step Closer to Impeahment
  9. Obongo puts "Sanctuary" supporter in key ICE post
  10. A Brutally Honest Politician!
  11. Obama ready to hand off worlds economic leadership
  12. It Seems To Be Working.
  13. It's so farking awesome !..........
  14. The Fence
  15. Afganistan ?
  16. An Avertable Catastrophe...
  17. Todays "Day by Day"
  18. Why we can't win in Afganistan
  19. Immigration and Usurpation - Elites, Power, and the People's Will
  20. a ‘community organizer” should NOT
  21. Deportation
  22. Obama is making Democrats Ill, very Ill. Byrd Dead at 92.
  23. WV Needs New Grand Wizard - Byrd Dies
  24. Power to shut down the internet for 4 months?
  25. More Obamanation; more backward acts
  26. Obama Calls Out Concerned Americans
  27. UAV Drones
  28. Black Panthers at the voting station
  29. Awakening from the collective dream;America wakes up
  30. Obama to speak on Immigration Reform
  31. Lighting the fuse . . .
  32. Things that make you go hmmmmm...
  33. Another bi-partisan win, no GOP allowed to travel to gulf
  34. Why Obamanobics are a total failure, a real economist speaks
  35. Oil spill fun facts; lies, intimdation and planned ignorance
  36. Blago trial news: $400,000 on clothes, can't pay bills
  37. Unemployment Checks Creat Jobs-Fast
  38. Immigration poll on CNN
  39. 11 reasons to vote Democrat in November
  40. Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs
  41. Video of A-Hole Calif politician mocking Constituents
  42. DOJ will not press voter rights crime for whites
  43. NRA to endorse Harry Reid?
  44. Out of Vogue . . .
  45. Jobs Americans Can't Do
  46. Congressman calls The People "Nuts."
  47. Fiscal management all-stars: Illinois stops paying bills!
  48. Missing WhiteHouse Diaries?
  49. This independence day, fly the ole red, white, and...
  50. NASA's new mission: Fix relations with Muslims
  51. NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World
  52. Obama said we are on course.
  53. Arizona Sheriff Targeted By Drug Cartels
  54. deleted post.
  55. Letting the days go by. Same as it ever was
  56. Assuming the Repubs win BIG, what will change?
  57. Politics of world wide gun ownership
  58. Democrap Plan to Finish Off America
  59. Obama stole election
  60. Stuck behind a Cadillac.....
  61. Zuckerman Smears the Messiah
  62. Another voter fraud uncovered: Franken
  63. The Empty Suit attends factory opening; for Korean company!
  64. Michelle condemns racist Tea Party
  65. NAACP will call TEA Party Racists . . .
  66. Day by Day...
  67. Senate Republicans Press for Deep Cuts in Obama Budget
  68. Al Alaki
  69. An excellent read for all; there is hope, and it is now
  70. Dem fundraiser gets 12 years at Club Fed
  71. Brief for 9 states backs Arizona immigration law
  72. Another significant monster piece of legislation
  73. How the Dems just shot off their own foot !
  74. Tax
  75. New (South African) border patrol vehicle
  76. Another Win for the One
  77. Mexican Border Chaos
  79. Famous Speech--Heed these words
  80. Arizona Republicans
  81. Biden doesn't see tea party as a racist group
  82. Ricco Suits
  83. New multi-billion dollar stimulus package announced
  84. Food for thought
  85. AZ Senator wants a state militia
  86. America's Ruling Class
  87. Tax Dollars at Work
  88. Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News
  89. Make Colorado a FREE STATE!
  90. Same as it ever was; hilarious Obama slam
  91. How many assistants does M. Obama have???
  92. Drunk With Power They Steal Your Money
  93. Ruh Roh, Fiat moving new plant to Serbia!
  94. Reid Sneak Attack on DISCLOSE
  96. Trial lawyer lobby attempts to illegally add $1.6 BILLION tax break
  97. Obama 's buddy, Mr. Lockerbie
  98. Narco state lets Killers out With Guns !
  99. Obama's Compulsary Service (HR 5741)
  100. The Empty Suit blows off Boy Scouts 100th, goes on The View instead
  101. White house officially blocks Arizona Law
  102. NRA supports Progressive Dems
  103. Pelosi blocks oil spill investigation
  104. Looks like Dems are ready to dump old wood!!
  105. US House approves extra aid to Jordan
  106. Why isn't English the official language in the US?
  107. Obama's mongrel remark...
  108. Explosive new evidence shows ruling of AZ judge illegal
  109. Obama the Switch-hitter?
  110. ABC Sunday Rountable with Christiane A-man-for-sure...
  111. Is this the smoking gun? lengthy
  112. 1934
  113. Obamacare Supporter Stark: Feds Can Do Anything
  114. Bounty on Sheriff Joe
  115. C.R.E.W.
  116. Political Funny for the Day
  117. White House Science Czar Still Talks Population Reduction and a “Subst
  118. Missouri Passes Health Care Freedom (Prop C)
  119. News, Politics & Econ, This piece puts it all together
  120. michelle obama - vacation queen on our dime
  121. Here's something to think about.
  122. 3 things about Islam
  123. We the people
  124. Public Housing
  125. Is this true? More on the Sherrod story...
  126. Hydrogen Barackside
  127. OBAMA'S SSN
  129. These Kids are Our Future
  130. It Was A Lie From the Very Beginning
  131. Ending Anchor Babies, NOT
  132. GOP Destroyed America
  133. Back Again
  134. The Ground Zero mosque and the muslim sympathizing king of the U.S.A.
  135. American Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Th
  136. Obama/Medicare Cut Treatment for Cancer Patients
  137. Shocker: 70 democrat congresspeople are confirmed socialists
  138. Rob Schneider from SNL; Franken is an A-hole
  139. Obama: "Islam has always been a part of America."
  140. American Taxpayer, Financial Jihadist
  141. ACORN whistleblower Moncrief 'connects the dots'
  142. Cali reporter ignores Repub entry into the race
  143. Reporter suspended for telling truth
  144. The circular firing squad: Reid says Ground Zero a 'bad idea'
  145. Blago guilty! A win for the people
  146. Church blown up by 9/11 still looking for permission to rebuild
  147. US Senator Hit With Pie..
  148. 2nd Highest US deficit in 65 years
  149. 6 presidential vacations in less than one year?
  150. Thomas Jefferson and the Ground Zero Mosque
  151. The Li'L Liberals
  152. WTK USC Art 1 sec 2 paragraph 2
  153. Leave it to Maxine to come up with a solution
  154. 401k absorbed by gubmint?
  155. THANK YOU, ARIZONA.......
  156. The Road to amnesty begins in Houston
  157. Reconciliation With Taliban Our Goal ???
  158. Huxley vs. Orwell
  159. So if your internet quits, it's Barry, maybe
  160. Obama DOJ Moves to Block Military Votes
  161. Happy New Year! 1984 is here (Just late)
  162. Interesting video - Free Speech? Your thoughts?
  163. Blaming Bush
  164. EB5 visa
  165. Obama Declares Defeat in Iraq
  166. Worst Economy in Decades and My State (MO) Decides to Kill Jobs
  167. Thank you, Gentlemen.
  168. nice music
  169. Obama forbids sale of M1's/M-1 carbines
  170. The Plantation
  171. Livin' Large in "The Recovery."
  172. Obama -No American Flags
  173. The president Cedes Part of Arizona
  174. NRA video:) Tough Like Chuck Norris
  175. An MSM Tongue Washing
  176. Jan Brewer steps in it
  177. Don't think we need to afford European socialism.
  178. 'YOU WORRY ME!'
  179. "They Talk To Me Like A Dog"
  180. Heard on the radio this morning:
  181. Let The Good Times Roll!
  182. Reform the BATF
  183. Quick, Somebody Clue Bambi!
  184. Obama's press conference on the economy
  185. German View of Islam
  186. When You're Holding a Hammer...
  187. Cuba slashes Govt Employees, Why can't we?
  188. Obama Flunks the Leadership Test
  189. OHHHH Bama's White House background
  190. Conservative upset victory in Delaware.
  191. Last Ditch attempt at AMNESTY - "DREAM ACT"
  192. Queen Pelosi jet
  193. 'Twas the Night before Elections
  194. Dems New Logo ?
  195. Doctor under attack online for speaking the truth - hit the comments
  196. Staggering Corruption Involving Obama
  197. Tea partiers
  198. Political art; 'The Forgotten Man'
  199. Obama the Great Uniter...............
  200. Primer for Islamic apologists...
  201. Decline Is in the Mind
  202. Obama the Campaigner
  203. "I'm Tired of defending you."
  204. The Culture of Corruption
  205. I'm tired of defending you.....reply
  206. Enemies of The State
  207. Bill picked a fine time to leave Lucille!
  208. "I'm The Best Ex Prez Evah."
  209. Mexico's Building a Fence
  210. Jimmy Carter Got This One Right- Civil War Polarization
  211. Potato nose is worried about Palin in 2012
  212. How our Govt. works now
  213. The commander in chief?
  214. Potential Republican candidates for 2012
  215. Progressive anyone?
  216. "1st Ammendment Scares Me."
  217. Pearls of democommie wisdom
  218. Republican "Pledge"
  219. What are they riding in?
  220. Rothschild and CIA Publications Attack “Constitution-worshipers”
  221. Update !! WTF
  222. Clinton Disses Female Senate Candidates.
  223. Congress Falls Down The Rabbit Hole
  224. Lottery
  225. Early Merry Christmas
  226. Boo Hoo Rahm...
  227. Lawyers Party . . .
  228. Something to be learned here?
  229. Dear Abby - Family Problems
  230. Palin/Romney are front runners
  231. No more bayonets ?
  232. Tea Party, Medicare scooters and Sacred Cows
  233. So how many Mosgue are in your town
  234. The Koran
  235. Kagan sent to Wood Shed
  236. food for thought
  237. Sums it up--
  238. "Dems planted NJ tea-party House candidate"
  239. Mike Blumenthal aka John Rambo
  240. US can "ABSORB" another terrorist attack????
  241. why I'm voting Democrat
  242. Soros is afraid of Rebpublican land slide in Nov.
  243. fired up in AZ
  244. "the best of Chile"..
  245. Bill O'Reilly on The View
  246. Ethanol .. Not Your Choice
  247. Read this slowly, let it sink in, VOTE in November
  248. Movie Trailer " I Want Your Money"
  249. Decline of the American Empire
  250. Senate candidate’s guards handcuff journalist after event