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  1. A List of Smiths, Builders, and people with TOOLS who might do your rifle (MERGED)
  2. WTS Barrel cutting, crowning, rethreading
  3. Globel Military Surplus
  4. Do you guys want this forum separate or merged back?
  5. March build specials at VOW, Good for April as well.
  7. "The Witch Is Dead" Sale...AZEX...let's shake things up shall we? NEW STUFF ADDED!!!
  8. Front Line Armory [Pricing/work acceptance] and an update 8-Oct-04
  9. ***PCS 3rd Annual Spring Sale!***
  10. Check this out...Nebraska FAL/L1A1 Gunsmith
  11. I need 1911 service
  12. WTB Repair To Bersa .380
  13. FFL tranfers in Minneapolis for G3 Rec?
  14. DuraHeat High Temp Finish
  15. *** PCS Sale Extended ***
  16. Court in FL
  17. Sledgehammer Arms Works
  19. Who will do the machine work on an 80% receiver?
  20. VOW build specials for July
  21. WTB Lightweight Thread Protector-Anyone
  22. WTK - Any smiths able to refinish/restore Lee-Enfield metal?
  23. AK Smithing - no bs, solid work, gooch-free service
  24. Need Follower Machined
  25. Cut metric receiver for inch mags?
  26. Anyone refinish/restore wood?
  27. wanted FFL in central Ohio to do transfers
  28. WTS - Gun Manuals CD - 250+ on CD
  29. Transfer dealer in Colorado
  30. Looking for an FAL-Smith
  31. Metric upper and Inch lower????
  32. Anyone know of a reasonable transfer ffl in Dupage county in IL?
  33. WTT: S&W Model 10 in box for Gun Coating Services
  34. Now accepting new work.
  35. Need a FAL-smith!
  36. need someone to cut and thread barrel
  37. Update! Need work on a S&W Model 15-3 (not 65!)
  38. Cant order my FAL
  39. Who can cut a dovetail in my 1911 slide?
  40. wtb:GUNSMITH TO BUILD AMD65 FOLDER ON GLOBAL 1.6mm receiver.
  41. H&K smith
  42. T48 Bayonet
  43. Rechambering Needed
  44. Looking for a good fal-smith.
  45. .380 Mustang
  46. Find a low cost TRANSFER DEALER near you...
  47. Who does letter painting
  48. RMP Gunworks
  49. Looking for smith to do Saiga Conversion
  50. Looking for a dealer in SC
  51. Machine Work on a Remington? Barrell
  52. Inch pattern lightening cuts: Who does them?
  53. Licensed 07FFL (manufacturer) in Washington State
  54. need advice on smith for Mauser build
  55. Small Bead Blast Job Help?
  56. Gunsmith needed in Tampa area.
  57. Fort Lauderdale - Gunsmith need
  58. Global Military Gunsmithing Offers Blueing
  59. FAL Gunsmithing in western WA?
  60. Any FAL smiths in NC?
  61. Parkerizing ?
  62. Want that FAL in the caliber that is the cat's @$$?
  63. Any FAL Smiths in KY?
  64. Any FAL gunsmiths in southeastern PA?
  65. HK forward assist installation
  66. fal gunsmiths
  67. N-florida fal smiths
  68. FAL Smiths in central texas?
  69. NW smiths?
  70. FAL build?
  71. Fal Smiths in Ohio?
  72. Freelance graphic designer
  73. Sledgehammer AMD build!
  74. Who does good HK builds?
  75. breeeching washers & locking lugs
  76. Para Cut
  77. Southern Kalifornia Transfer FFL??
  78. Looking for recommondations on an AK74 Tantal build...
  79. Who builds nice AKs?
  81. Need Help building my FAL in TX
  82. DuraCoating in Denver?
  83. Gunsmith barrel work? Reasonable rates?
  84. Help - FAL repair in Florida
  85. Need help finding someone to fix Mauser Broomhandle!
  86. Firearm Refinishing
  87. Falcon Arms Shipping Para Bolt Carriers, HTS.
  88. FFL Wanted: WTB NEW Custom Built DSA Rifle
  89. AK Builds
  90. FAL Trigger work sale! $26
  91. refini service info wanted
  92. Gunsmith Recommendations in Denver Metro
  93. Gunsmiths
  94. Need help in San Antoino Texas
  95. AR15 barrel change
  96. Needed Barrel work
  97. Looking for Barrel cut, Para cut, and mag refinish In Downstate NY
  98. Looking for Transfer Dealer in West/Central FL - Tampa
  99. Cumming Ga FFL Transfers?
  100. FAL build services
  101. Looking for cut/crown/thread and repark
  102. Anyone do a FAL trigger job?
  103. Have kit,need built
  104. Nickel plating my pistol
  105. Chop n' Thread Job
  106. Any experience with these AZ FFLs?
  107. Transfer in Pittsburgh Area
  108. Gauging Interest - Brass Processing service.
  109. WTB - Any deals on FAL Build Services?
  110. Barrel timing / set headspace AVERAGE COST ?
  111. Custom gray enamel paint finish for a Belgian clone?
  112. TWC, for your EBR build and finish needs
  113. Smiths/wecsoggers in Missouri?
  114. I need someone to clean up / refinish a stock for me...
  115. Who does blueing?
  116. FAL Builds... Who's doing them these days?
  117. FAL Builder In NC
  118. Romak 3/PSL Builder Needed!
  119. Kansas builder
  120. Johns tool room
  121. Looking for a gunsmith with machining capability
  122. I Need Help!
  123. WTK: Who can fix my CZ82
  124. Kit Parkerizing
  125. Can anyone make a thread protecter
  126. Need FAL work done in the Denver area
  127. WTS Gunsmithing services in CO
  129. Looking for someone with blasting gear...
  130. Need some AK barrel work done...
  131. Need an experienced welder...
  132. Help Re-parking a FAL
  133. need someone to park a shotgun
  134. Need some barrel work (smith found thx!)
  135. FAL builder needed: Upstate NY
  136. An introduction; Myers Arms LLC
  137. Parkerizing Services
  138. Parkerizing Christmas Sale
  139. M14 Trigger Work
  140. Valentines Day SALE! UPDATE LOOK NOW!!!!
  141. Valentine Special
  142. Need Para Cut Done
  143. The Parkerizer: Valentines Day Sale Customers
  144. Parkerizing in Virginia
  145. Need someone in central FL to build my FAL
  146. Inch lower, grip bushing replacement.
  147. Firearm Refinishing
  148. Looking for someone to machine out the holes in a DSA
  149. Free Stud Services
  150. Custom Adjustable Paracord Slings
  151. Cerakote and Camo dipping services
  152. Vandenberg - clear your pms, please!
  153. Need a smith to ream a chamber
  154. Smith for 870 to 58 barrel
  155. Bluing???
  156. Need gunsmith services
  157. Inch bushings by L/FN ?
  158. Bridgeport mill in need of work
  159. Looking for Fal gunsmith
  160. Service: Drill and install new block on used bbl.
  161. Any idea where to get BGS kit blued
  162. Seeking FAL barrel chop, thread and crown
  163. FAL bolt face repair
  164. TIGer
  165. Let Me Refinish Your wood set
  166. Anyone heard from MrBoneCrusher lately
  167. Cosmoline removal or how to properly use your oven
  168. Resident stock refinisher?
  169. WTK: Who can do lightening cuts & reciever markings
  170. Cut, crown, re thread/pin flash hider?
  171. I have for 80%fn fal uppers I would like to trade for one
  172. +1+ For Sledgehammer again
  173. HK triggerwork
  174. Wanted: FAL Barrel Cut & Crown
  175. who wants to do barrel work?
  176. Barrel work
  177. Gunsmith Service - Tampa Bay, FL area
  178. Wadman shoulder cutting tool
  179. Parkerizing Service
  180. WTS BGS Barrel conversions
  181. Who reblues?
  182. FN FAL Block Blank
  183. FOUND: Cutting down a .274 Locking Shoulder to .254
  184. WTF i need slot cut for browinng flashider
  185. Need a FAL para nose cut - GREATER SALT LAKE (UT) Area
  186. WTB Anyone make FAL custom handguards for short gas system?
  187. WTB custom breech washer - shim
  188. image hosting - what woudl you want?
  189. Gun stock restoration services
  190. REQUEST: Re-threading a cobalt muzzle device?
  191. WTK Who can redrill holes in a izzy lower ?
  192. Looking for an FFL in Ocala
  193. Fal gunsmith in Houston area?
  194. Gunsmith Service - Tampa Bay, FL area
  195. Gunsmith Service-BEND a Yugo Mauser bolt
  196. Looking for a smith to shorten a couple shot gun barrels
  197. Receiver welding
  198. Gunsmith Service - Tampa Bay, FL area