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  1. Static Electricity Strikes again!? Grain Elevator Explodes.
  2. Armed veterans protect Phoenix protesters
  3. Time for a world war...
  4. Western Companies See Prospects for Business in Libya
  5. How Fast do Doves Fly ?
  6. Militia joins occupy phoenix..interesting.
  7. Justice Dept. proposes FOIA "neither confirm, nor deny" rule
  8. List of OWS supporters
  9. Good thing he shared the BBQ....
  10. FBI: Fur factory fire was domestic terrorism
  11. Will they get life in prison?
  12. suprised it took this long
  13. I love holidays...
  14. PM Sarkozy and Pres Obama bad mouth Israeli PM
  15. and why are we buying military parts from China?
  16. Savage Murder. Update
  17. Which is more important football or morality?
  18. I think I wanna cry...
  19. The Dragon speaks...
  20. Arabs do care about human rights
  21. Legal Refer, as in Mary Jane,,,,
  22. Occupy BS
  23. Stinking piece of shyte.....
  24. Probing the infrastructure?...
  25. Incompentance? or a "dead drop"..
  26. TSA - Why stop with just groping?
  27. Flash Mob idiots
  28. Illegals Stalk Border Patrol-- and Kill -UPDATE
  29. 10-year-old Wash. boy defends mom with BB gun
  30. 83 yrs old and still a sex offender.....
  31. Syrian resistance fighters
  32. Time to re-name it....
  33. Windsor Ontario has first murder in 2 years - must be lack of guns
  34. Things you're not supposed to know...
  35. For real? Vote to allow U.S. military to arrest and detain inside U.S.
  36. All your websites belong to us...
  37. It was 1970 something...
  38. Speak out...
  39. Chalk onother one up for Team Blue Suits
  40. Another Marine Shafted by Corporate USA
  41. Take the associated quiz...
  42. Agent Terry's Death details sealed-- by Obama
  43. Anti gun sheriff busted..
  44. Maybe the NEA will name him educator of the year?
  45. "Buy American" ad a no-no in city dominated by the unAmerican
  46. Burping a crime in New Mexico
  47. Get ready to pay at the pump...
  48. Sex with animals may cause cancer!!
  49. Navy report finds preferential treatment on Ponce
  50. Russia sends warships to Syria
  51. Commies go to Jail
  52. Gun sales surge during Black Friday
  53. Wher'd Everybody Go?
  54. Saudi Science Surges Ahead
  55. 3,000 miles of tunnels dug by the Chinese
  56. Let's use drones in the US !
  57. Occupy Denton? Is DABTL there?
  58. Iran got one of our drones
  59. Newsom/Christian Murder goes to RE-trail, Presiding Judge a Pill Head
  60. Bad day for Ferrari owners
  61. Unrest in Russia...
  62. Because there are no other pressing issues facing the nation and world
  63. Belgium names gay socialist Prime Minister
  64. A-fugging-mazing!
  65. Fort Hood Massacre = Workplace Violence
  66. Shooting at Virginia Tech......
  67. Hey, tough guys...
  68. NLRB Drops Boeing Suit
  69. Nuke-armed terrorist nation got one of your drones? - just ask nicely.
  70. Shooting Innocents & Lobbing Grenades is NOT Terrorist Related?
  71. Yes, it's true,,,we're ,,,idiots'.
  72. Time Magazine: Man of the Year
  73. The Enemy is at our doorstep
  74. "Ding-Dong,the witch is dead"....
  75. Chinese carrier
  76. Socialism at its finest: Norway butter is ~$465/lb.
  77. Professionals, you betcha'
  78. Hezbollah/Mexican Cartel Connection News
  79. 1 of 2 Americans living in poverty
  80. "We'll suspend your kid for this"
  81. CHINA: Property Protests Erupting in China
  82. Kim Jong Jong is dead
  83. Hilarious case of Karma
  84. More explosions in Iran
  85. Why can't we have the Satan missile?
  86. Finland 'finds Patriot missiles' on China-bound ship
  87. Another proud moment for the US military
  88. Over shoes...
  89. TSA Confiscates Killer Cupcake
  90. Nice exegesis of the detention bill...
  91. More Extremists Targeting Children
  92. Venezuela - Socialist Paradise
  93. Hezbollah Comes to The US
  94. When govenment takes an interest in you
  95. Tourist arrested with loaded gun at Sept 11 memorial
  96. Obama proposing a Taliban liason office in Qatar..
  97. And it isn't Americas fault. Islam's contributions to world peace
  98. Maybe Obama should "nationalize" Apple? Apple has more cash reserves than US Govt.
  99. One world Government...
  100. Sidestepping GOP
  101. Look For More Desensitization
  102. Web Site Woes
  103. MS patents "ghetto-avoidance" feature for smart phones, GPS devices
  104. IL: Leading the way to drain-cleaner registration
  105. $1000 Cash Money Bitches...
  106. fishing for trouble??
  107. US Coast Guard rescues Iranians in Persion Gulf?
  108. You will ackowledge Sharia Law...
  109. Magnetic Bomb
  110. God Bless Our Marines
  111. WTF w/ GOP Gov. Haley Barbour? PARDONS gone WILD!
  112. Taliban? Piss on 'em!
  113. Mark of the Beast
  114. 2 Army brigades to leave Europe in cost-cutting move
  115. Inside the secret industry of inmate-staffed call centers
  116. End of the Commerce Dept.
  117. Foreign policy...
  118. Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise?
  119. WTF! Al Qaeda again?
  120. Only in DC - Protect the Rats
  121. Occupy Movement
  122. Thank you, Obama sir ....
  123. New Outsourcing Destination.
  124. You want Isolationism restart the draft!!
  125. The sound of Silence
  126. Rand Paul and TSA
  127. Those NASA women are dangerous
  128. Gold for Oil
  129. Give it up bitches...
  130. All Marines get off
  131. UFOs in the Baltic..
  132. Egypt raises the ante
  133. Here comes the bride... Barney Frank is getting "married."
  134. Red Meat from "The Grey"
  135. Rotten ocuppiers.....
  136. public peeing still legal under state law in Virginia
  137. New Residents Improve Sacramento Compared to Democrat Legislature
  138. This certainly won't be abused...
  139. Fast and Furious Oversight Live Feed right now!
  140. Treasure hunters on the verge of bringing up $3 billion in shipwreck loot
  141. Super Troopers get punked by prisoners
  142. The War drums are beating loudly now
  143. GS supports same sex marriage...
  144. Hope the UK kept some L1A1's
  145. Alright...
  146. The drones is a comin' bitches...
  147. I was starting to worry
  148. self-defense killings skyrocket (MI)
  149. Bachus faces insider-trading investigation
  150. Big Sistah gonna keep us all safe...
  151. plans for slavery museum
  152. Samuel L. Jackson, "I Voted for Obama....
  153. Well, this makes me feel safer already...
  154. died of a heart attack.
  155. where's ggiilliiee when ya need him??
  156. TSA=Pervs
  157. 13,000 Hair dryers Denied Voting Rights
  158. Another liberal hypocrite promoting gun control while using armed security
  159. Pat Buchanan Out at MSNBC
  160. Micro Drones by the millions
  161. Iranian Warships in Med Again
  162. Fabricated intelligence?
  163. Proly shouldn't a done that
  164. and the real "Hero" is??
  165. I think she would know...
  166. Disarming gun control myths-good article
  167. Wager when the fireworks start?
  168. Sharia law trumps the first amendment
  169. Making theft pay...
  170. new school shooting in OH
  171. Army's new cars..
  172. I don't really know if this is news to anyone...
  173. IRS intimidation of the Tea Party
  174. Jews want to fish not cut bait in Iran
  175. Brietbart Dead--Hmm
  176. Police:Teens set boy on fire
  177. According to some we are being run out of Afghanistan
  178. Sherriff Joe says...
  179. OMG is anyone watching this!!!!
  180. Bomb Squad called to El Rushbo's house
  181. GM halts production of the Obama Edsel
  182. Old TSA news...
  183. jasenovacs - croation death camp
  184. Another step toward neo-feudalism
  185. you might want to bite your gold
  186. Great News!!!
  187. TSA Seizes 1300 Weapons 2011
  188. Hmmm Where is Steve Quayle today?
  189. US pilot dies, crashed an Israeli F-21 Kfir
  190. Republicans beat the Drums of War
  191. Election, economy spark explosive growth of militias
  192. Half of Hispanics offended by the term "illegal immigrant"
  193. Libyan Seranade
  194. It's getting better, trust me..............
  195. Seriously?
  196. Speech Jamming Gun.......
  197. Not just Wyoming anymore....
  198. Hmm....
  199. Flight Attendants...hmmm
  200. How NOT to handle a neighborhood crime watch situation
  201. Worried about Drones?Check this out....
  202. I wonder what the press would think if we celebrated WHITENESS 365 days a year, eh?
  203. U.S. soldier accused...
  204. When is Karzai going to apologize for his guys killing Americans?
  205. Arlen Specter betrayed!
  206. Don't write things the police don't like....
  207. Why is Tide detergent so popular now?
  208. Gov Watch Words
  209. Just in
  210. The New Obama Flag
  211. What generation war are we now engaged in?
  212. The new SPAM
  213. Car blows up
  214. One killed, four wounded in Texas shootout
  215. Why do some folks want SHTF/TEOTWAWKI?
  216. More black families turn to homeschooling to remedy failed public schools
  217. Israel Security Cabinet Votes 8 To 6 To Attack Iran
  218. We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher
  219. If you yawn, you're a terrorist
  220. Gasoline
  221. Kill the Boer (white man)
  222. Eric Holder survey, says 2nd Amend not for individuals
  223. Washington Post - article on high school rifle team
  224. Oprah dumps Rosie the Lesbian Pig
  225. 411 is alive
  226. Your Tax Dollars at Work.......
  227. All in all, 101st patrol DAMN lucky....
  228. Russian troops in Syria
  229. Russian troops in Syria?
  230. France: When Muslims go Wild?
  231. A classified war simulation....
  232. Another take on the pending Iran war...
  233. Black workers accuse Black supervisor of racism
  234. Texas Militia-The Story is Not Important
  235. Rumors of Coup in China???
  236. Owner of Progressive Insurance, supports hard left causes. Surprised?
  237. Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties
  238. Ruger suspends taking new orders
  239. Sweet little Trayvon Martin...Now the adult pix the media hasn't shown
  240. African-American Lynch Mob?
  241. Trayvon
  242. organ donation?
  243. Hey Remember the Hutaree, Wipe out the Cops at The Funeral Plot?
  244. Michigan Militia Cleared. Lesson: Trust No One
  245. France wonders how terrorist got guns
  246. Sue Police for Killing Terrorist - French Muslim Dad takes a cue from America
  247. Soon Not to be a Story
  248. teen beaten bloody
  249. Dems eye policy responses to Trayvon
  250. BigBrother watching e-mail, web usage in "Airstrip One"