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  1. Flash Hiders & Muzzle Brakes: installation- blind pins, threads, set-screw & welding
  2. Receivers: Israeli barrel threads
  3. Finishes: paint color text rollmark stamp lettering on rifle
  4. Technical: lathe RPM formula for crowning barrel
  5. Ident/Lowers: TMH (Trigger Mechanism Housing)- Israeli vs. Metric
  6. Assembly/Disassembly: simple barrel indexing?
  7. Interchangeability: modify StG HGs to fit Israeli HB?
  8. Receivers: diagrams & blueprints
  9. Finishes: refinishing stainless steel?
  10. Magazine Catch: is there an ambidextrous mag release for L1A1?
  11. Technical: does Inch lower use Locking Plate?
  12. Flash Hiders & Muzzle Brakes: MB blind-pin drill jig ideas?
  13. Maintenance: cleaning the gas port
  14. WECSOG: tool for carry handle c-clip retainer
  15. TDC/Timing: sight-in problems?
  16. Technical: direct gas operation a la AR?
  17. Selector: full auto selector OK?
  18. Magazines: Bren magazines modifications (7.62mm only)
  19. Technical: Silver Soldering Solder Threads Muzzle Brake
  20. Magazine ID: Inch, Israeli, Indian, Metrics, interoperability, et al
  21. Interchangeability: Inch magazine catch on Metric receiver
  22. Ident/Tools: Combination Tools- What they do. What they look like.
  23. Technical: Thread Pitch for L1A1 flash hider?
  24. Ammunition: stripper clips & guides?
  25. GasTube Pin: size
  26. Selector: Another L1A1 conversion Q
  27. Coming Soon.. FAL FAQs
  28. Technical: Gas Port size recommendations
  29. Interchangeability: Israeli gas plug
  30. Comparison: FAL vs GALIL
  31. Assembly/Disassembly: H/S/T assembly guide
  32. Magazines: can Bren mags work in the FAL/L1A1?
  33. GasTubes: the short & the long of it?
  34. Interchangeability: parts of different FAL types
  35. Technical: replacement springs
  36. Interchangeability: R1 & StG-58 compatible?
  37. Ident/Ammunition: MilSurp headstamps ID
  38. Pistons Physics and Tech- proper diameter?
  39. Furniture: how to repair cracks in HG?
  40. Legal: ENTREPRISE rifles parts count
  41. Finishes: Gunkote & Metacol comparison
  42. SUIT: Sight Unit Infantry Trilux general info source
  43. Ident/Aussie: L2A1 Malayan contract recoil reducer
  44. Receivers: Israeli, Metric, Inch receiver thread pitch differences?
  45. Technical: material 4 sleeving sleeve flash hider muzzle brake
  46. Interchangeability: Screw, locking, hinge pin: differences?
  47. Technical: Zeroes- sighting-in clarifications
  48. Technical: L1A1 muzzle thread pitch?
  49. TDC/Timing: using a laser
  50. Barrels: freebored?
  51. Barrels: more on freeboring .308/7.62x51
  52. Assembly/Disassembly: installing/removing return spring w/out special tools
  53. Technical: removal of stuck recoil spring tube nut
  54. Maintenance: how often and well do you clean?
  55. Technical: Locking Shoulder-heating/freezing to install?
  56. Ident/Legal: metric vs inch buttstock
  57. Interchangeability: will Izzy LB HGs fit on StG-58
  58. Headspace: How often should you check?
  59. Receivers: IMBEL gear (GL) vs non-gear logo (NGL)
  60. Technical: gas port diameter? Entreprise, carbines?
  61. Bipod: Installation
  62. Legal: safety sear- used in S/A, or F/A only?
  63. Headspace: 7.62x51mm vs .308 Win
  64. Technical: Latch, Locking Body how-to
  65. Technical: sizing drills for tapping holes?
  66. Assembly/Disassembly: recoil spring installation (inner vs. outer: which way?)
  67. Interchangeability: Bolt & Bolt Carrier
  68. Legal: IMBEL Post-ban or Pre-ban?
  69. Furniture: SA, Israeli, et al
  70. Technical: Why is there a threaded hole in my piston?
  71. Finishes: Parkerizing- material/size for tanks?
  72. Para: DSA sight fitting problems & advice
  73. Interchangeability: Israeli HB handguards on StG
  74. Ident/Aussie: Poyer L1A1
  75. Finishes: refinishing BAD wood
  76. TDC/Timing: shaving the barrel shoulder
  77. Technical: Parkerizing- how to get dark
  78. Legal: where does ATF or LE measure rifle
  79. GasTube Pin: fabricating a replacement
  80. Technical: Locking Shoulder- OK to file?
  81. Technical: twist rate of barrels
  82. Ident: BASIC FAL and L1A1 technical statistics and data, model numbers, variants
  83. Interchangeability: Israeli HB handguards on LB
  84. Sights: Metric and Inch front sight math
  85. Interchangeability: Inch & Metric gas tubes & pistons
  86. GasTube: Parkerizing Brazing Soldering Heat
  87. Ident: Metric or Inch receiver differences
  88. Harlan @FedArms expounds on many StG-58 questions
  89. WECSOG: from a kit.....where do I start?
  90. Beginners: Why do I need a FAL?
  91. Assembly/Disassembly: general info
  92. Technical: source for pin gauges
  93. Technical: My StG-58 (or other FrankenFAL) won't cycle!
  94. Magazines: Bren magazine modifications (part deux) w/ pic
  95. Para: carrier/cover use in AOW FAL shorty?
  96. Ident/Aussie: SNs (or Serial Numbers for the challenged)
  97. Technical: MAPP heat discoloration parkerizing refinishing
  98. Technical: washer for carry handle slot
  99. Technical- Night Sights: Tritium for FAL? (yes and no)
  100. Interchangeability: Metric bolt in Inch bolt carrier?
  101. Finishes: homegrown blueing recipe/formula
  102. Maintenance: how to get rid of cosmolene?
  103. Interchangeability: barrels
  104. Selector: German/Austrian markings S/E/D?
  105. Technical: Instructions for Inch-pattern C1 rifles gas adjustment- from Recce
  106. Technical: Spare Parts- MUST have for my FAL?
  107. Legal: full auto parts do's and don't's
  108. Furniture/Finishes: Stains for wood furniture??
  109. Sights: adjustment: tool?
  110. Technical: last round hangs in magazine
  111. Technical: Trigger Pull- can it be improved?
  112. Finishes: suggestions for home coating (Moly, GunKote, etc.)
  113. Acronyms: from the WWW
  114. Finishes: Norrel's Moly Coat
  115. TDC/Timing: pic of barrel at 11 o'clock?
  116. Barrel Math - numbers for your pocket
  117. Technical: 'fires from open bolt' ?
  118. Technical: timing- what does a properly-timed barrel look like?
  119. Photos & Pics: How to POST in your message.
  120. Legal: parts count
  121. Ident: Definitions of parts and/or techniques
  122. Flash Hiders: removing a C1A1 flash suppressor
  123. Links: parts kits and surplus
  124. Beginners: Which FAL or L1A1 to buy? Where to buy?
  125. Assembly/Disassembly: what tools do I need?
  126. Teechnical: Zeroes and MOA?
  127. Legal: Is my FAL kit full auto?
  128. Maintenance: Push or pull the cleaning rod?
  129. Ident: various types of FALs?
  130. Technical: How to remove grenade sight gas plug?
  131. Legal: full auto do's and don't's
  132. Bodycovers/Mounts: Opinions, technical info, RTZ
  133. SUIT: how to repair Mount looseness?
  134. Finishes: stripping old finish on an FAL kit
  135. Ident: What does the 'RA' with numbers stand for (South African)
  136. Lubrication: Gas system- yes or no?
  137. Bipod: use in place of the sling swivel?
  138. Ident: Variations, Variations.... anyone want to explain?
  139. Technical: 22 lr adaptor kit
  140. Magazines: how-to, care & feeding, refinishing, et al
  141. Finishes: Parkerizing touch up advice?
  142. Technical: slam-fire, bolt-follow, etc.
  143. Finishes: sandblast abrasive media selection
  144. Legal: Pre-Ban importer FAQ/list??
  145. SUIT: Israeli vs British variants
  146. Lubrication: care and feeding of the FAL
  147. Finishes: undercoating or bedliner on handguards
  148. Finishes: Parkerizing solvents and chemicals?
  149. Furniture: refinishing wood stocks
  150. Legal: renumbering a kit? (serial number)
  151. SUIT: Manual w/ links to graphics
  152. Ident: Inch/Metric/Israeli guide w/ *PICS*
  153. Finishes: painting handguards w/ Rustoleum or Alumahyde
  154. Technical: Firing Pin dent on primer when bolt closes?
  155. Receivers: Federal Arms Corportation ( FAC ) models
  156. Maintenance: lubrication of the recoil spring tube
  157. Interchangeability: charging handle
  158. Headspace: technique & dimensions
  159. Technical: fix for fail-to-feed when bolt release dropped
  160. Technical: Cocking Handle knob- how to change
  161. SUIT: Zero? Near Zero? Techniques and procedures
  162. Furniture: Australian wood info
  163. Technical: confessions of a first-time builder
  164. Ident: Time for a quiz :-) Body covers/mounts
  165. Ident: Variations- Receivers, sub-assemblies, you name it!
  166. Ident/Technical: Extractor Tool- do I really need one?
  167. Ident/Technical: meaning of V on Locking Shoulder
  168. Legal: Entreprise Pre-ban L1A1 (worth)?
  169. Ident: StG58 and L1A1 differences
  170. Ident: America's T-48 National Match version/features?
  171. Maintenance: carbon fouling on gas piston
  172. Interchangeability: Headspace of various bolts/carriers w/ test results
  173. Finishes: Australian L1A1/SLR
  174. Legal: Pre- / Post- need for consistent usage.
  175. Barrels: break-in?
  176. Technical: Zeroes/sighting-in- where should the bullet strike at 25 yds?
  177. Technical: Gas System endurance test
  178. Ammunition: How do tracers work?
  179. Interchangeability: handguards on Israeli LB
  180. Barrels: bore cleaning
  181. Magazines: drums?
  182. Ident: Chilean service rifle? Sig AMT? FAL?
  183. Bayonets: what does a FAL look like?
  184. Technical: Thread Pitch- A permanent guide (submit changes)
  185. Ident: Hiduminium (Hinduminium) lower receiver/TMH
  186. Ident: FNC vs SAR-48
  187. Barrels: chrome-lined- advantages/disadvantages?
  188. Finishes : Parkerize at home
  189. Technical: metric lower receiver disassembly (step-by-step)
  190. Technical: Wollf springs for FAL
  191. Piston/Physics: inch gas piston same as metric?
  192. Tehcnical: Flash Hiders & Muzzle Brakes- Theory and Practice
  193. Ident/Tools: Armourer's Tools .....
  194. Legal: US floorplate/followers
  195. Ident/Israel: parts needed for Israeli clone?
  196. Magazines: how to fix THERMOLDs
  197. Technical: Setting the gas regulator
  198. Ident: South African R1A1 Sporter?
  199. Technical: Forward Assists!
  200. Interchangeability: Pistol Grips
  201. Legal: Parts Count (by new FALoholics)
  202. Maintenance: cleaning the Gas Block
  203. Finishes: refinishing plastic
  204. Ident/Aussie: Help me- Aussie FAL/pics
  205. Gunsmiths: list
  206. Ident/furniture: stock length- compiled measurements
  207. Finishes: AlumaHyde, Teflon MolyKote, etc.
  208. Ident/Technical: Inch/Metric/Israeli FP interchangeability/differences
  209. Ident: German G1 lower controversy, identification?
  210. Interchangeability: Metric/Inch- what lower (TMH) parts don't?
  211. Interchangeability: Israeli vs. Metric buttstocks
  212. Technical: Buffers
  213. Interchangeability: modifying tabs on C1A1/L1A1 bodycover, and IMBEL fit?
  214. Interchangeability: Inch donor kit on a Metric receiver
  215. Orphans: Parts needing a home, or parents looking to adopt?
  216. Technical: heat colors for steel
  217. Selector: StG markings translation
  218. Receivers: Hesse group-buy failures?
  219. WECSOG: Wax-Pellet Headspace Test
  220. Links: build your own Gun Graphics.. NEAT!
  221. Identification: "over 90 countries" ?
  222. Maintenance: cleaning piston tube
  223. SUIT: illumination question
  224. L1A1 questions...legal?
  225. L1A1 questions...legal?
  226. Ammunition: site to identify headstamps?
  227. Legal: shipping rules
  228. Flash Hiders & Muzzle Brakes: differences
  229. Interchangeability: Metric buttstock on Inch lower?
  230. Legal: Pacific Armament Corp pre-ban?
  231. Legal: Importation Date- how to find?
  232. CONTACT: Find the Moderator in the photo...Saudi Pic...
  233. Photos & Pics: posting
  234. CETME, HK91, G3 questions: gunsmiths, general info
  235. Links! (Moved to FAQs)
  236. Legal: Serial Numbers & G-Series confusion
  237. Legal: the California FAL
  238. Shipping: useful links to track shipments
  239. ID: Owners with INCH Bolts and Carriers Please Read
  240. Ident/Aussie: identify this L1A1 (mostly Aussie)
  241. Sights/Optics: FAL, L1A1, and C1A1- Elcans, Hensoldts, et al
  242. SUIT: cam dimensions (5.56 & 7.62 mm NATO)
  243. Ident/Aussie: Poyer L1A1
  244. Ident/German: G1 History??
  245. Ident/magazines: Who made the 30 rd. metric magazines ?
  246. Legal: Post-/Pre-Ban status of an Argentine? ArmsCorp imports? Dates?
  247. Ident: L1A1- Australian or British? Differences?
  248. Bayonets: website?
  249. Barrels: defective L1A1 Barrels
  250. Legal: ATF- on modifying S/A Firearms (long)