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  1. Ident/Belgian: FNC import numbers
  2. Legal: is this a true G series?
  3. Ident: FAL- how do you PRONOUNCE it?
  4. SUIT: reticle?
  5. Flash Hider: stupid question
  6. Ident/Technical: gas blocks- are they Open or Closed?
  7. Ident/Barrels: Indian 1A barrels are Metric threaded just like Israeli
  8. Technical: Foresight and Backsight height- Indian, Imperial, Metric?
  9. Ammunition: brass dings on receiver
  10. Ident: Springfield SAR48 / SAR4800
  11. Legal: shipping guns to yourself
  12. Ident/Aussie: AD-marked lower?
  13. scope height calculation
  14. Ident/Aussie: Lithgow Inch-Pattern semi receivers (or east of Eden!)
  15. Accessories: more LBE/LBV for FAL
  16. Ident: FAL and L1A1 bayonets & types used
  17. Ident: German G1 Lower Receiver Lightening Cuts
  18. Ident/India: Ishapore 1A features
  19. Ident/Aussie: Eden- forged/fake L1A1 rifle batch markings?
  20. Ident/Aussie: Poyer L2A1
  21. Magazines: G3 & CETME interoperable?
  22. Furniture: Aussie L1A1 ever use black pebble grain?
  23. Ident: Official C2 and L2A1 configurations ...lots of pics
  24. Ident: Lower Receiver types?
  25. Ident/Sweden: Swedish FNC variant (AK-5)
  26. Technical: FNC bayos different from FAL bayos?
  27. Legal: what is a "Sear Cut"?
  28. Ident/barrels: who made my barrel?
  29. ident: Century IMBEL receiver variations - made in Canada, etc.
  30. Manuals on the WWW!
  31. Ident/Aussie: Eden L1A1- Batch Marks
  32. Receivers: forged, cast? FN, IMBEL?
  33. Sights: L1A1 front sight question
  34. Receivers: IMBEL responds- Forged or Cast?
  35. Ident/Aussie: Onyx Arms?
  36. Ident: Bipod- Belgian or not?
  37. Ident: Rhodesian FAL- the real story
  38. Accessories: Pattern 70 Web Gear: Fingered It OUT!!!
  39. Selector: inch on metric lower receiver
  40. Legal: L1A1 grenade launcher capability?
  41. Legal: pre-ban Federal Ordnance receivers??
  42. Technical: Condition of Surplus firearms (a buyer's guide)
  43. Receivers: FAC/Dan Coonan (DCI) receiver Hardness test
  44. Ident/Technical: gas plugs
  45. Finishes: how to make Parkerizing green
  46. Legal: "replacement parts only" means what???
  47. Technical: Fred's Locking Shoulder jigs
  48. Barrels: Interchangability
  49. Eureka! All the FAQs of the R&D Forum, at your disposal
  50. Ident: Para.... what is it?
  51. Technical: need Belgian OIP scope mount replacement straps! (HELP!)
  52. Legal: Entreprise StG-58C preban?
  53. Technical: "All your FAL are belong to us!"?
  54. Legal: how to verify FFL
  55. Sights: Izzy HB- 600m or 700m sight base?
  56. Ident/Canada: There are 6 variants of Canadian C1 rifle!
  57. Technical: notes on grades of FAL steel
  58. Technical: receiver feed ramp- unibrow vs widow's peak
  59. Ident: L1A1 stock disks??
  60. Technical: Builders- who/what/where
  61. Ident: New Zealand handguards
  62. Ammunition: 7.62x51mm headstamp List
  63. Legal: ATF letter on blind pin/weld of muzzle brake installation
  64. Technical: Aluminum magazines any good???
  65. Accessories: Guys, help me find the right LBV/LCE
  66. Ident/India: Indian front sight and odd (Israeli) mag release
  67. Ident: Type A lower receiver?
  68. Accessories: FAL mag chest pouches
  69. Legal: Here's a recent (and nasty) ATF letter- pre-Ban receiver status
  70. Ident: info on South African (SA) and Rhodesian FALs
  71. WECSOG: explained with pics
  72. Legal: CAI pre-ban FAL ??
  73. Technical: CETME vs. G-3 Magazines
  74. Ident/Argentina: Identify my new FN/FAL- Argentine?
  75. Magazines: Who made straight Metric 30x mags?
  76. Legal: Don't cry for me Argentina. Is this legal?
  77. Technical: 7.62mm NATO headspace clarification
  78. Technical: headspace dimensions, USGI and Commercial
  79. Ident: Help with L1A1 history, NZ Collector?
  80. Legal: ATF letters, by topic
  81. Ident/Belgian: FN commercial U.S. receiver markings
  82. Ident: what is a "DD" stamped bolt
  83. ID: FN (Belgian) factory test target for Type 2 1967 Competition Model
  84. Ident/Belgian: FN G-series rifles
  85. Ident: Rogak Para w/ FN (Belgian) scope and mount
  86. Manuals: Recommendations on books?
  87. Ident/optics: Belgian OIP (VERY collectible)
  88. ID: FN (Belgian) Type 2 1967 Competition Model w- accessories
  89. Ident/Belgian: the "Gray" FAL
  90. Technical: metric rear sight elevation increments (check my measurements)
  91. Magazine ID - South African?
  92. WECSOG: cleaning method for FAL
  93. Ident/Magazines: followers and base plates
  94. Magazines: survey of FAL magazines for markings
  95. Ident/Aussie: L1A1 fitments
  96. Ident: South African/Rhodesian R1/R3
  97. Legal: FAL pre ban Serial Number's?
  98. Ident: America's FAL- the U.S. T-48 Rifle
  99. ID: A rare FAL variant- the Katsenes Imports
  100. Finishes: What combination of finishes for a Belgian FAL?
  101. Ident: South African R1 specific parts?
  102. Ident/backsight: Configurations and Differences
  103. Ident: FAL still in service in Indonesia
  104. Barrels: Ed's Red?
  105. Ident: L1A1 bolt markings
  106. Technical: FAL Metric foresight pin tech
  107. CETME - G3 trigger pack FCG F/A to S/A modification
  108. Tech: FTF/FTE troubleshooting.
  109. Ident/Technical: aftermarket Top Cover/ Scope Mount specs
  110. Ident/Argentina: FMAP Type 2.5 Receiver
  111. Ident: FAL parts diagram
  112. Ident: Lower Types (aka the TMH)
  113. Ident/Argentina: argie heavy barrel f.a.p. (falo)
  114. Identification- Unthreaded barrels: what countries used them?
  115. Magazine ID: help needed, 30rd Inch mags
  116. Tech: Stripper Clip Lube
  117. Ident: Entreprise marking
  118. Tech: Sear Cut Receiver pic?
  119. Ident: Mystery Bipod
  120. Barrel ID?
  121. New FAL Files Raffle!!! CGW Para!!! SUPPORT THE FILES
  122. Barrel ID question...
  124. ID: IDF Israeli Crest marking on FAL
  125. Bayonet: ID and value of Belgian type "A" FAL bayonet?
  126. Bayonets: Pix of TYPE A, EX FAL bayonet.
  127. ID: variant of FN para lower/stock
  128. Tech: A decent blueprint- Where?
  129. WTK: blank attachment threads
  130. Belgian bolt differences
  131. ID: EARLY Metric FAL magazine Survey
  132. Identification: Strange (?) Izzy HB HG (eureka: early)
  133. Technical: FAL gas regulator (knob) settings
  134. Spare Parts Kit for SA 58
  135. Different parkerizing w/ questions
  136. Izzy Heavy Barrel
  137. Izzy Builds
  138. New to Fals. Can you give me the CliffNotes Version?
  139. I bought DSA Type I Receiver w/o Carry Handle Cut... Mistake???
  140. MAS 49/56 HELP!!
  141. Does Century Arms make a good receicer.
  142. Markings: Crests/Coat of Arms on Belgian guns?
  143. Help me out Pal's
  144. rear site on L2A1
  145. SAAMI pressure specs
  146. n00b question about bolt hold open/release switch
  147. T48 Handguard Liner
  148. Hiduminium T2 para lower pics
  149. moses ATF ordeal
  150. Identification: Correct config for a Belgian M2?
  151. Total number of receivers for US market?
  152. ID this Front Sling Swivel
  153. ID this Carry Handle
  154. L1A1 no markings
  155. new to forum, slight extraction problem
  156. ID lower receiver manufacturer?
  157. Correct history of the Imbel MD2/3/SAR4800 5.56 series 56k packalunch
  158. Identification: Parker Hale Barrel & Gas Block 1987
  159. Identification: Lowest S/N Enfield L1A1
  160. Identification: G-Series SN list
  161. FAL Problem - need help - Trigger???
  162. Belgium Short comb. Device????
  163. ID: Metric Wood Stock Variants
  164. HELP!! - Barrel #s = destination or manufactury country?
  165. How to tell if a FAL receiver is full auto
  166. how to post pictures
  167. LOWERS
  168. Can you help with lower ID?
  169. how do i order the DSA SA58?
  170. Lithgow L1A1, New To Forum!
  171. Inch style grenade launcher ctx
  172. Selector stop marks
  173. can anone help me with id?
  174. Zeroing a FAL
  175. How to tell if a FAL receiver is full auto
  176. Aussie lower serial # info
  177. Help with numbers!?
  178. Izzy HB Question
  179. Does anyone have some good pictures of the markings on an F.M.A.P. rec
  180. T-48 Pistol grip info
  181. More SAC Latta Ga Argentine comments/info
  182. Austrian combo tool functions
  183. The CETME FAL Convertible Magazine
  184. P in Oval Mark
  185. New Onyx Owner (I hope)
  186. Markings
  187. Photos: Inch v Metric Receivers
  188. SED Lower - the "D"?
  189. UE57 vs UB61 lower selector marks
  190. Israeli differences
  191. interchangeable parts - inch versus metric
  192. CETME/G-3/HK-91 Flash Hider On FAL?
  193. Help...Original Para rear sight specs....
  194. Barrel/Throat break-in w/ Superior Shooting System, from David Tubb
  195. Belgian StGs- Early vs. late proofs, and how many were there anyway???
  196. FN serial Numbers
  197. Israeli FAL Handguard spacer rings
  198. Raspeguy's ORF FAL Receiver Review ARCHIVE
  199. ID/Pics: Belgian M1 + FN49 ** 5/1/2010 Update **
  200. Belgian lower ?
  201. C1A1 600 Meter Rear Sight
  202. M2 Barrel Assy (Pics added)
  203. Available 5.56 FAL Variants?
  204. STG58 bipod vs G1 bipod....differences?
  205. Correct bolt hold open ass'y for the G1?
  206. Main page links?
  207. Metric / Inch Gasplug Interchangeability?
  208. B type Stock
  209. HELP - I need a ID on this....
  210. Locking Shoulder Specs
  211. Izzy type A lower build out there?
  212. "gray area L1A1" - Canada - sear cut receiver - Century
  213. EJK Type II Belgium - Uncommon FAL Importer
  214. FN FAL Manual - User and Complete Assembly Guide from IMBEL
  215. Before I loose my mind!!! Rear sight heights.
  216. Bayonet/ accessory lug position
  217. ID this GL
  218. WTK: FN-FAL 50.00 Type II Steyr/Browning info
  219. Don't have any idea help
  220. FAL heavy "Falo" Springfield SAR 48 Israel authentication
  221. Crinkle finish Type C bayonet
  222. argy fsl
  223. Bolt stampes just letters but no numbers!
  224. 0Bxxxxx bayonet
  225. SA58 stocks for para-FAL
  227. Brazilian web gear for the m964
  228. Question on SSI marked receiver?
  229. which FAL book?
  230. Definitions for Newbies
  231. Gernade front site
  232. What did FAL gernades look like
  233. SAC Latta 2 piece gun import date- let's get serious
  234. UM marked upper receiver made by FN
  235. L1A1 blueprints/ plans where to get them?
  236. 3 digit SN Metric FAL
  237. Whats the origin of this wood FAL Stock?
  238. Gas port question
  239. Early Browning Import FAL
  241. Barrel Identification
  242. Are these Magazines Pre-Ban ?
  243. DIY Camo Dip Kit - Support
  244. Rear sight replacement
  245. pasting pictures
  246. IDing Fal Mags
  247. Falfiles Moderators?!?
  248. DSA folding para stock
  249. Highest number enfield and BSA please
  250. IDEN: Halbek Compensator - Mark 6/FN (aka Rhodie Muzzle Device)