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  1. Police cite and arrest blacks disproportionately
  2. Railroading of Walter Reddy - Guns Seized
  3. New York PD arrest "Terrorists" in gun buy
  4. The Murder of Jose Guerena, Continued
  5. Made it through 2 tours to die at home
  6. The purpose of this forum
  7. for running a stop sign....
  8. Seriously? A "Police Issues" forum?
  9. The TSA lies...No kidding?
  10. Justice Dept. Probe of Seattle Police Aided by SPD video
  11. Supreme Court rules evidence of illegal searches is admissable
  12. Teen sex halts police ride-along program
  13. Open Carry and maybe get shot or arrested.
  14. The Tacoma Cop Who Slept Through Order to Issue AMBER Alert
  15. Handgun in Car?
  16. Beating of an 84YO man
  17. On the lighter side of it- man steals police cruiser
  18. Police Vehicle and weapons stolen
  19. GREAT interaction w/ police
  20. Gutting the 4th isn't helping anybody
  21. Flipping off a cop = possible 6 months prison?
  22. Texas deputy murdered
  23. Jefferson is spinning in his grave.... Dance police
  24. VIDEO: Europe in 2029
  25. Another Texas cop killed
  26. LAPD begins use of gloves with integrated taser
  27. Maryland 'May' Educate Officers On Constitutional Protections
  28. K9 starves to death in officer's yard
  29. philly off duty shoots young guy over parking space
  30. Maybe they should have tazed it....
  31. New Jersey Officer Charged After Allegedly Pulling Gun in Bar
  32. Miami police try to destroy video of them killing suspect
  33. New Revelations of Unchecked Misconduct Among LA Traffic Cops
  34. Psychic Gets the last Laugh
  35. Portland Police under federal review for civil rights abuses
  36. See we police our own
  37. Trafic Tickets, conflict of interest.
  38. swat raid for unpaid student loans?
  39. Officer interaction
  40. State's Atty Lets Bad Cops Slide, Prosecutes Citizens Who Record Them
  41. Police loathing of the Second Amendment.
  42. Local Suicide
  43. Another Positive Police interaction.
  44. commieforia
  45. Guns in School
  46. POS Police union double-talk on probable murder by cop
  47. FBI Wrong Home invasion
  48. Wardrobe switch may have caused SWAT sniper to shoot wrong woman
  49. Houston,Raid on Apartment Based on False Accusation
  50. @ police who ride motorcycles
  51. BATF convicts two in 'strawman' sale, but BATF in GUNRUNNER?
  52. more there goes the 4th
  53. Fullerton thieving cop caught and arrested
  54. American Police State Is The New Normal
  55. OBL Alive and Well- TSA at it again
  56. As a former Marine I agree
  57. Film the cops from your own yard? Get arrested
  58. Gun Control in Seattle, Wash. - not
  59. Cops love those tasers...especially on the handicapped.
  60. Portland police fire lethal shotgun rounds instead of beanbag
  61. Independence Day Weekend Traffic Enforcement
  62. Police respond to wrong house, taze and arrest anyway..
  63. Dimwit highschooler charged with felony over sex-doll prank..
  64. OKC Bombing Tapes Missing-FBI Can't Find
  65. Small town politics, NAzI Cops & a Crusading Mayor,,,Oh My !
  66. Officer joy riding on ATV injures 3 on Miami Beach
  67. 6 Atlanta officers fired for lying and destroying evidence
  68. This is how the French deal with brutal cops
  69. The Good Ole Boys club in New Orleans..
  70. Open carry of AK / police encounter
  71. Dont want TSA to fondle your daughter? Go to jail
  72. Man tasered while moving his gun collection
  73. Smashing Pennies and &*////65^%!! Cops!
  74. TSA Turnabout...
  75. Is this an "anti cop" forum??
  76. SWAT team indicted by Fed for various thefts, conspiracy, etc..
  77. Police Arrest Jogger for warning motorists about speed trap...
  78. Big brother computers will revoke your license
  79. ATL officers busted for writing parking tickets so they could park
  80. Canton Ohio dashcam video- CCW traffic stop- unbelievable conduct
  81. Officer Matt Lyons: A great guy who is on our side!
  82. Massachusetts Plans To Keep Track of Where Your Car Has Been
  83. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officers resignation...
  84. Newark cop puts choke hold on TV cameraman, then..
  85. More Keystone Kops SWAT shenanigans in Tucson..
  86. Damn, what a busy newsday
  87. LEAP -- Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  88. *9/21/11 UPDATE!*Warning - Graphic* Extreme beating/tazering kills 37 year old....
  89. Oops! Canton, OH find other incidents of problem cop..
  90. Intoxicated D.A.R.E. officer crashes truck with D.A.R.E. trailer
  91. Internal Affairs Says: NVPD Officer "Violated Policy"
  92. I guess some are just camera shy...
  93. Deputy Bryan P. Gross
  94. Deputy Nicholis Whiteman
  95. Police force dismissed
  96. Police execute highly dangerous dog
  97. Way Above the Law
  98. Can't we all just get along?
  99. NOPD bridge shooters, guilty of all but murder
  100. Web cartoons of police investigated as cyberstalking
  101. The bobbies take some heat...
  102. Hackers strike at 70 US law enforcement websites
  103. Ohio Teen Dies After Tasing
  104. Pennsylvania judge gets 28 years in 'kids for cash' case
  105. Cops hurt bicyclist, thousands riot
  106. Police officer caught stealing and selling guns
  107. Long Beach Chief Confirms Detaining Photographers w/i Dept. Policy
  108. Police Try To Bring Wiretapping Charges Against Woman Who Filmed Them
  109. Dog owner shoots cop about to taze dogs..
  110. San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood
  111. SS agent gets DUI, refuses breath test
  112. Chicago cops think store's workers are burglars and beat them
  113. NOPD charged with over 200 counts of bogus tickets
  114. Chicago must pay $333K for cops who killed a family dog
  115. Lonny's Heros: Part Trois
  116. Death From Above & stuff
  117. Battling Deputies
  118. Dead Robber Wins Lawsuit
  119. More on this guy
  120. Getting a clue
  121. Security guard puts heck of a beatdown on a guy
  122. In Russia, They know how to deal with car thieves.....
  123. Policewoman who 'couldn’t be bothered' to arrest burglary suspect is j
  124. Constitution Protects Filming On-Duty Police
  125. Florida sued for illegally ticketing motorists
  126. Cop caught in videa having sex with woman on top of car..
  127. Cops Confiscate Lakewood Lady’s Arsenal; Motive Pending
  128. I can't beleve none of you sick freaks posted this yet!
  129. Funny video... "There's the little girl."
  130. Oops..former "Cop of the Year" sentenced in brutality case..
  131. Jury acquits 'cop killer', self-defense vindicated
  132. Family sues police over California Taser death
  133. Park Service Jails Tour Guide
  134. ...and now with teenage boys....
  135. San Diego cop killed after buying kid cookies
  136. Video Of Police Shooting Prompts Dismissal Of Charges
  137. crack a joke, go to jail
  138. More people dressed as cops searching homes
  139. Portland PD Officer Union President fired for rage
  140. Keystone Kops
  141. Federasl agents and cops busted for drug dealing
  142. SWAT Commander: Let's practice on people.
  143. Mom Says Prickly School Cop Killed Her Son
  144. Duality
  145. (UK) Some police are barely literate, lawyer claims
  146. Two of New Mexico's Finest
  147. Wild shootout in Wisconsin
  148. Key witness in Tulsa police trial arrested on traffic_misdemeanors Re
  149. Camera Surveillance: “This is just the beginning”
  150. Sometimes it gets done right
  151. More lying cops - this time getting caught
  152. NYPD AAA unit.
  153. Detroit Police beat down casino patron!
  154. ICE chief in FL arrested for child porn
  155. How many of you think stun guns and tasers are not dangerous?
  156. We're Sorry.....
  157. Detroit Officer Charged in Girl's Death Amid Raid
  158. Seventy-One Rounds in Tucson: The SWAT Shooting of Jose Guerena
  159. Officer killed near my work.
  160. FL: Flashing Brights at Other Motorists - Criminal or Free Speech?
  161. Police cite privacy concerns over their own DNA
  162. Sounds like an indside job...
  163. 1 Marine vs 30 NYPD; Marine Wins!!!
  164. Another one of the only ones professional enough
  165. "The Crime of Committing ‘Contempt of Cop’ "
  166. Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers Up Sharply
  167. Self defense claimed in road rage shooting of Federal Agent
  168. Chicago cop summarily executes man, lying prone
  169. 5 NYPD Officers charged with gun smuggling
  170. Florida officer charged with vehicular homicide
  171. 16 NYPD officers to be arrainged in ticket fixing scandal
  172. Miami police officer pulled over by State Trooper for going 120mph
  173. Neighbors cheer Stratford (CT) drug raid
  174. how much is 12 years in prison worth?
  175. Cops shoot dangerous cow...yeah..
  176. Shoot a cop flier surfaces at Occupy Phoenix event
  177. Update Jose Guerena Shooting Tucson
  178. Another isolated incident...filming cops
  179. Why good officers can't police their own...
  180. Secret Service: Agent mistakenly fires gun near Russian Consulate
  181. LEOSA Question
  182. Two police officers slashed by Occupy SF protesters
  183. Speeding Cops- 140 MPH on personal bikes
  184. Missouri raid on video
  185. Officer charged with shooting fellow officer in her patrol car
  186. All in a day's work....
  187. Police Captain arrested for involvement in fatal Brinks robbery
  188. FBI Entrapment?
  189. Seasoning the crowd...
  190. JPD Detective Faces Capital Murder Charge In Baby's Death
  191. More seasoning...
  192. It wuz ghosts! I swear!
  193. a career criminal....
  194. Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime
  195. Arizona police vow probe into bloody arrest
  196. Officer faces 30 yrs in prison for falsifying DUI arrest report
  197. Sheriff of the year trades meth for sex with a dude!
  198. Baloney tales
  199. Officer arrested for DUI in patrol car
  200. Was this wrong? Was he not supposed to do this?
  201. 14 year old girl tased outside of school
  202. Police fail in progress
  203. Seattle Police
  204. 'I told her I would stay,' says officer who crawled under bus
  205. We killed your daughter..you're under arrest...
  206. Police Stop CPR by Daughter on Dying Father
  207. Police tie man to chair,gag him,pepper spray him to death...
  208. The Murder of Otto Zehm
  209. My favorite dash cam clip...
  210. Reefer Madness rampant in Utah
  211. Looks like a lot of guys are trigger happy...
  212. More cops protecting and serving--against Westpoint grad, former Ranger, vet
  213. Don't try to trip a police officer
  214. Piss them of...
  215. Texas Trooper
  216. every good chase begins with a dremel and ends with a powdered donut
  217. OUCH!!!! that gun was TEN INCHES long!
  218. NYC Police Throw Navy SEAL Into Psych Ward
  219. Trooper drivng drunk.
  220. Cops Shoot Suspect at CA Carl's Jr.
  221. Wife Calls Cops On Man Preparing For Martial Law In Mass
  222. FBI Raids Wrong Address; Enters With Chainsaw
  223. Calumet City Police Shoot, Kill Boy with Autism
  224. Police humor....
  225. TSA agent charged with JFK theft, latest in series
  226. Man shoots 6 cops in supposed no knock raid!
  227. A bit old but great...airsoft seized by ATF
  228. Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals
  229. CCTV police officer 'chased himself' after being mistaken for burglar
  230. Video: LV-area cops beat diabetic while NVHP watches
  231. Jury awards wrongly arrested attorney $600,000 after traffic stop
  232. Surprise, surprise -- Chicago cops caught ripping off drug dealer
  233. Cop shoots man during lunch stop
  234. Two Agents Dead in Shooting
  235. Deputy pulls gun on woman at Wal-Mart line
  236. Trooper killed during traffic stop
  237. Shot in the groin...
  238. Cops shoot Aust. shep. dog who bit officer's shoe..."officer was attacked"..
  239. "Justice system (sic) struggles with police officers who lie"...the horror..
  240. Try to file a police complaint..yeah, right..
  241. Officer caught with mattress on police cruiser
  242. Asked what law is being broken, oinker says, "My law."
  243. LAPD chief issues rare apology in Stephanie Lazarus case
  244. New tidal crime wave? Who would've guessed!
  245. Cop Tases 9 yr old truant, twice...
  246. Felony Conviction for Cyberbullying Cop
  247. oops
  248. Cop indicted for rape, etc, gets off with probation..
  249. Random attacker severely beats Plainfield cop, chased away by Good Samaritan
  250. Denninger comments on Florida shooting...