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  1. Time to share my L1a1
  2. any L1A1 parts kits left ?.
  3. Aussie L1A1 Build Done (down under gun porn)
  4. Newbie with questions and appreciate your expertise!
  5. L1A1 rear sight adjustment.
  6. New UB59 parts kit/project
  7. Picked up Entreprise Arms Buena Park L1A1 at show today
  8. WTK where to find British Hi powers
  9. Where can I find an Aussie Cut L1A1 Receiver?
  10. stoopid FAL question
  11. Is This an Aussie?
  12. Lithgow contract dates to New Zealand
  13. wood furniture..A steal? A deal? or too much Zeal$ ?
  14. Canadian Bits, need help to put a price on it.
  15. Long Tan
  16. Before and after
  17. My newest Brit...
  18. New Member, Flea Market L1A1 kit
  19. CAI Fal sporter handguard swap problem
  20. TRILUX storage case
  21. L1A1 Flash Hider Positioning washer
  22. L1A1 Value
  23. Flash Hider Installation; Best course of action without barrel removal?
  24. Would like to get L1A1 barrel installed and headspaced. Any smith recommendations?
  25. My Early 1961 New Zealand Issue Lithgow SLR
  26. DSA L1A1 Serial Number
  27. Value of Aussie FAL
  28. Raising a FrankenFAL from the dead
  29. Pretty good song and lots of SLR pics
  30. Got a lovely parcel today from USA
  31. Trouble headspacing Indian 1A1
  32. Is this sight rare, or just odd ?
  33. Converting Plastic To Wood
  34. Help me Identify
  35. AD62 Aussie L1A1.....Kiwi?
  36. Century L1A1
  37. How Do You Shoot Your SLR L1A1 / FN FAL
  38. L1A1 flash hider removal
  39. ?? re Refinishing an SLR Lower
  40. L1A1 build, and Range Report - Update.
  41. help a noob...metric mag markings
  42. New L2
  43. FAL advice
  44. made in canada
  45. L1A1 reciever on Imbel metric kit ?
  46. Century Disappointment / Rhodie Redemption
  47. GB L1A1
  48. L1A1 bolt carrier conversion to para bolt carrier
  49. Pat Jones L2 on GB
  50. PARA project, don't hate me for what I've done.
  51. L1A1 questions
  52. FAL Inch Mags
  53. Australian bolts
  54. Battle of Long Tan and the L1A1 usage...
  55. A good source for new springs?
  56. Inch L1A1: Muzzle break options?
  57. Forged DSA?
  58. A Couple Of Unusual Aussie SLRs
  59. Time Flies
  60. C1 Cleaning Kit Questions
  61. Replicating Indian 1A HG Screw
  62. Sear Cut FALO 50.62
  63. stock help
  64. Got some free FAL parts - now what?
  65. Which inch pattern muzzle device is considered the better choice?
  66. Vietnam photos with L1A1s
  67. Onyx L1A1A
  68. Price Check- Eden Aussie Receivers
  69. Just a simple question
  70. Hello! New Member and New FAL...PICS!!!
  71. Are flash hiders legal in California?
  72. Flash Hider Chopped L1A1 Question
  73. Scope mount options
  74. DSA Top Cover Rail?
  75. need help figuring out what i got and what its worth
  76. L1A1 mags
  77. L1A1 shooting to right
  78. NATO 9603059 Inch Magazine Follower - Help
  79. Aussie L1A1 on GB
  80. L1A1 on gunbroker
  81. DSA L1A1
  82. Source for L1a1 short stock
  83. Sir Winston Churchill's FAL
  84. Aussie Wood
  85. DSA L1A1 Receiver any good?
  86. C Clips for Wood Carry Handle
  87. Armscorp USA L1A1
  88. Aussie kit
  89. C1A1 Clone on GB
  90. Aussie L1A1 kits at Sarges
  91. Soft gas piston or something else
  92. FH timing washer
  93. New FAL/L1a1 owner, please help identify!
  94. Recrown and Threading?
  95. LEO L1A1 Gunbroker
  96. My Indian 1A1 built by ARS
  97. US Made inch parts source?
  98. L1A1 surplus ammo preference/accuracy
  99. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE HIGHLANDER ....or receiver
  100. Paper Guy's Superfly handguards
  101. 1A1 on GB
  102. help identifying receiver
  103. Tritium Reanimation worth it?
  104. Re-Loading Bullet Weights For The SLR
  105. Decoding? What do I have and what do they mean?
  106. Has this Trilux cover had the tabs cut?
  107. 5 FAL kits, where are they from?
  108. Century L1A1 question
  109. Hi all. Decoding, what do I have
  110. Inch pattern receiver?
  111. Bubbafied L2 lower?
  112. Indian Timing Issue
  113. Flash hider replacement
  114. Is it interesting?
  115. Difficulty in finding the old Aussie SLAZ early handguards?
  116. 1A1 builds
  117. Wanting to learn
  118. Joe poyer L1A1 wood variations?
  119. Orange plastic HG's
  120. Question: Did Lithgow keep making Poyer type L1A1's
  121. Single shot L1A1
  122. I need help getting flash hider installed on my L1A1
  123. Crocs Gunshop L1A1 Builds Worth?
  124. L1A1 receiver source
  125. L1A1 Magazine Question....
  126. No sticky on Inch wood cartouches???
  127. DSA mag.
  128. Coonan Brit Build
  129. Canadian C1a1 lowers versus L1a1 Australian
  130. Paco's down under project...
  131. C2A1 Identification
  132. DSA Australian cut receivers
  133. L1A1 Conversion/Build Questions
  134. Grip stud replacement
  135. L1A1 always cycle no matter the gas regulator setting
  136. Rhodie R1A1/ Bren Gun Magazines?
  137. Cleaning wood l1a1 furniture
  138. Scope mount
  139. Wood set
  140. My L1A1...
  141. L1A1
  142. Century L1A1 not cycling
  143. F1 PNG flashider question?
  144. Swapping Bolt Carriers?
  145. CAI L1A1 help
  146. Whats this mean?
  147. Bitch gun, the legend
  148. New truck gun
  149. Inch lower, mix of parts. Info?
  150. Indian love
  151. Proofs on wood
  152. R1A1 buttstock help!
  153. What rear sight is this?
  154. Found this in a NZ AF L1A1 buttstock.
  155. Which Lower to Build?
  156. Rescued a Century FAL
  157. British Stocks
  158. Should I adopt a mutt?
  159. B61 Handguards
  160. Century L1A1 receiver
  161. L1A1
  162. Australian L1A1...the Unicorn SLR in the USA
  163. Variations in L1A1 Inch Parts Observed
  164. Anzac Day
  165. Valuation on inch stuff...
  167. Australian L1A1 Parkerizing
  168. A Surprise at Sarco
  169. New member and my L1A1
  170. CAI L1A1 sporter info needed
  171. L1A1 from hearth of Europe
  173. Need help with ID'ing this lower
  174. Best place for "NEW" L1A1 barrel?
  175. SUIT value
  176. Brit L1A1 furniture?
  177. re-install selector
  178. WTK: Fair market value on Canuck .22 C1 conversions ?
  179. FSE L1A1 Charging Handle
  180. Gunsmith Needed
  181. L1A1 Piston Binding Due to Gas Tube Pin
  182. Loading trouble
  183. L1A1/SLR Para project
  184. Metric rear sight on Inch lower?
  185. Unmarked gas block question
  186. Bolt date?
  187. 1976 BBC report on Northern Ireland
  188. What do I have and what is it worth?(test)
  189. What makes this Century Arms rifle on gunbroker so valuable?
  190. First of all hello and I am honored to be here.
  191. My L1A1 has been saved!
  192. L1A1 turned in in LA
  193. please help with rear sight
  194. If beech is your thing
  195. Bad experience with a product for fals/L1A1's
  196. Looking for a Trilux S.U.I.T scope
  198. Flash hider timing washer?
  199. Okay I am hanging my head in shame. This L1A1 is kicking my @$$!
  200. I know I have been a pain but another question.
  201. AIM Sports Quad Rail Too Tight??
  202. Any L1A1 Magazine Floorplates to be found?
  203. Cut Away
  204. Canadian Sniper Rifle Mount?
  205. Short barrel (16.5) L1A1 thoughts!
  206. Lithgow Serial Number Contract?
  207. First FAL need advise
  208. What Have I Got Here?
  209. Coonan British receiver?
  210. Simple question
  211. CAI L1A1 Receivers
  212. Seeking knowledge
  213. L1A1 build
  214. Metric mag problem
  215. SLR. 5000 Canadian barrel
  216. Flash hider
  217. L1A1 US made pistol grip?
  218. L1A1 Tritium Front Sight
  219. Rebirth
  220. Original finish on C1A1 wood
  221. New Aussie L1A1 barrels
  222. Jungle Green
  223. L2A1 on GB
  224. Yes. You can convert a metric trigger to inch. But it's not easy.
  225. PICS - L1A1 with DSA Rail and Red Dot
  227. Rhodesian used ZA marked rifles
  228. My SLR's
  229. L1A1 identification
  230. Riddbits review of the new Australian L1A1 barrels
  231. Century L1A1 Feed ramp advise.
  232. Australian L1A1 Kit Questions
  233. EL, Long, Normal, and Short British buttstocks
  234. Question about Aussie handguards and their fit...
  235. Gas Block Removal Help?
  236. Sear-cut Injun...huh?
  237. DSA L1A1
  238. New guy here to the forum
  239. Mystery Mag release
  240. Ozzie L1a1, a few questions
  241. Lots of L1A1 action from Northern Ireland
  242. X in circle proof
  243. Lithgow receiver help
  244. Yes I bought one..
  245. To build or dump, that is the question.
  246. Gas Tube Roll Pin
  247. L1A1 upgrade thoughts
  248. metal refinishing
  249. L1A1 Front sight question
  250. Found this L1A1 at a pawn shop (Go for it?)