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  1. Cdn arsenals build negatives for fnc1/c2 (pics)
  2. Finnaly got my Aussy to the range
  3. Aussie handguards
  4. C2 C1 Serial Numbers
  5. scope recommendation?
  6. Indian 1a1 Scope???
  7. Tritium Reanimation
  8. L1A1 SLING
  9. Coonan receiver and inch mags!
  10. Thoughts On This FAL.
  11. Indian 1a1 sling
  12. At long last!... my first L1A1..
  13. L1A1 regulator detent
  14. L1A1 grip ergonomics fix
  15. Scope suggestions for an SLR?
  16. Proper Finish For a 1A1 Indian Rifle
  17. Poyers Poyer
  18. Trials Pattern X8 bayonet
  19. Codes? SN? on L1A1 kit
  20. Year the Brits stopped producing L1A1's
  21. Remembering Pat, SLR5000
  22. IMA has L1A1 front sight protectors $2
  23. Australian AD serial number prefix
  24. MAG ID
  25. Century R1A1 Aussie build.
  26. More L1 porn.....
  27. Ishapore 2A1
  28. WTK: inch gas block & value
  29. Century L1A1 Need Help
  30. Aussie serial number check. Can someone please help?
  31. Inch mag clips
  32. Need Inch mags help
  33. NUMRICH has extractors for Ishapore 2A
  34. Me to, I need Aussie lower ID
  35. XC Barrel Code?
  36. Where is AD830004?
  37. Aussie original wood finish
  38. Interesting Refinish on an Original Aussie L1A1
  39. The Australian KAL Bullpup Prototypes
  40. Metric to Inch Magazine Conversion
  41. Indian Lower
  42. WTK: What Can Be Done With A Wobbly SUIT Scope
  43. Newbie looking to build lithgo on a us receiver
  44. Lithgo barrel code
  45. SWAT Shop Still in Business?
  46. LTR's can be had for Canadians too!
  47. Walnut L1A1 grip markings....
  48. Which contract?
  49. Safety Sear for Safety?
  50. Broken SUIT dust cover mount!
  51. Correct front sling swivel?
  52. Did Lithgow ever make un-numbered L1A1 lowers?
  53. New Zealand contract L1A1 refurb
  54. Indian L1A1 kit on GB, not mine
  55. Probably stoopid ?/ but have to ask- how the hell do you tell a #'s match in Inch kit
  56. 1A1 Stock Crack Question
  57. Someone pref in Wisconsin please save this GB Century Beaverjob!
  58. Now I know why they have a carry handle!
  59. New to the forum and FALs in general, but I've got this abused rifle...
  60. Chamber end picture
  61. Aussie AD serial number ID
  62. C1 Diopter, were front sights different?
  63. Accuracy results for your SLR L1a1??
  64. OK-WHY all the changes from Metric to Inch patterns?- just to be BRITS!?BRI
  65. jamming problem
  66. Another Aussie SN check please
  67. Entreprise Receiver and AWB Question
  68. Trigger plunger and spring length?
  69. OK-Here SHE IS! CAI L1A1 Sporter in the middle of Rehab w/pics
  70. Why no Eucalyptus wood furniture?
  71. Did SLR's sent to Singapore see any action?
  72. Scored a Trilux
  73. L1A1 HELP with locking lever reassembly
  74. Another barrel ID thread ...
  75. Falkland L1A1 question
  76. Maranyl stregnth question
  77. Inch gun cut for metric mags
  78. Need a simple part
  79. SUIT brightness project
  80. First NZ rifle pics- help needed
  81. SUIT scope
  82. Lithgow serial Check
  83. Need dimensions / CNC data for L1A1 Funiture
  84. I.D wood handguards/ gas tube
  85. L1A1 fixing plate rivet. My awesomeness knows no bounds
  86. Noob mag fit query
  87. Nice Buena Park "Liai" on GB...is mine now! Soliciting advice
  88. Do the real military L1A1 have FA mechanism in them?
  89. SLR Wood buttstock gap/cut behind rear sight?
  90. Can someone explain why Joe Poyer L1A1's are so pricey?
  91. WTK: Value of L1A1 Mags
  92. Price check....Century Aussie kit rifle
  93. Frog Lube
  95. C2 and equipment when I served
  96. Whats the story behind the slr's that Sigapore adopted?
  97. FNG question about CAI
  98. Anyone wanting a Indian ?
  99. Poor SAF830014
  100. New to the Forum
  101. Value of complete indian kit including barrel
  102. century arms fal
  103. Inch pattern L1A1 barrels
  104. Need help locating Indian front sight parts.
  105. Century Rescue Complete!!
  106. Where to get timing washers? #9 .0605
  107. Receiver lock retaining pin
  108. Century Made in Canada L1
  109. Canted sight fix?
  110. Receiver Identification
  111. Sectioned L1A1
  112. L1A1 Sniper Cheek Pad 20.00
  113. Suncorite and cleaners/solvents
  114. Springs ? ?
  115. Price and rarity of British Laminate handguards
  116. Finally, I bought an L1A1...
  118. FAL/L1A1 Battlesight Zero procedure?
  119. L1A1 scopes
  120. Help/Suggestions needed with my L1A1 Bolt action
  121. Help with finding bayonet
  122. 62 ENFIELD
  123. What should i do with this L1A1?
  124. ? on a rear sight
  125. R1A1 Dressed Up
  126. WTK Inch/L1A1 Handguards
  127. Magpul PRS2
  128. What was it designed to eat?
  129. My CAI "Rescue"
  130. Oddball mag release screws
  131. question about flip tombstone sight
  132. Lithgow flash hider
  133. Opinions need for possible "BITCH GUN" build
  134. Williams Allumabomb Inch cut?
  135. Another Lithgow rebuild
  136. L1A1 stock Identification
  137. Brit Arctic L1A1 preview
  138. WTK the value of a partial Aussie L1A1 and a Canadian C1A1 Kit
  139. VLTOR Handguard
  140. LIa1 truck gun range report
  141. Bolt carrier question
  142. L1A1 trigger markings
  143. Finished First L1A1 build
  144. thinking of selling my inch para
  145. Inch wood stocks
  146. L2A1 contract info
  147. L1A1 Barrel install-
  148. Need help finding inch pattern furniture
  149. L1A1, FAL, FN49 Fun Match in South Texas
  150. Front swivel.
  151. Aussie build
  152. SUIT Brightness control lever
  153. 59 Enfield completed
  154. ? on inch bolt
  155. Possible l1a1 buy
  156. OK, who is bidding on it.
  157. Any suppliers out there with L1A1 black maranyl furniture sets?
  158. When Did the Royal Marines Recieve the L1A1?
  159. Proof Mark ?
  160. Barrel Question
  161. L1a1 barrel information
  162. ID my Aussie barrel please
  163. My right hand of the free world
  164. Centerfire Rhodie Mags
  165. L1A1 questions
  166. AUSTRALIA S.A.F. xxx081
  167. Inch Bolt ID Question
  168. Front sling swivel question
  169. L1A1 markings Help
  170. Help
  171. Locking shoulder size brit cut coonan
  172. Silencer use on L1A1?
  173. L1a1 wood ?
  174. broken brake with bayo lug for notched barrel
  176. SLAZ H/G Repair
  177. L1A1 redux.
  178. Ok rear sight experts
  179. Video - South Armagh - Bandit Country
  180. New Guy with L1A1 Be Easy
  181. L1A1 functioning on "open"
  182. Authentic L1A1 optics options?
  183. I'm NOT an addict
  184. INCH parts ID
  185. Onyx Lithgow Receivers
  186. Correct handguards for my L1A1?
  187. Hesse CIA Fal
  188. Hi, new member and an L1A1 parts kit from 1994ish
  189. New member from New Zealand with SLR
  190. l1a1 from michigan
  191. Question about British slr bolts.
  192. New member: British (Aussie lower) L1A1, photos
  193. Imbel Parts Kit Questions
  194. Chamber pressures 7.62x51 vs 308 Win
  195. british l1a1 parts schematic
  196. Century L1A1 pics
  197. Gentlemen, you've INSPIRED ME!
  198. How do you take apart an inch bolt hold open?
  199. Urgent! How many SLR to fiji
  200. Barrel length data
  201. 30 round inch magazines
  202. Siting in an L1A1
  203. L1A1 Stock ID
  204. Help Id these 30 round mags
  205. L1A1 receiver, no serial #
  206. Is this my Barrel Date Code??
  207. My First Aussie F1 L1A1
  208. Auction for Ian Skennerton's SLR Australia's FN FAL
  209. Recoil spring tube removal.
  210. Got something and now a ?
  211. Are unmodified British issue SLRs available anywhere?
  212. Any ABC made hammer forged and Chrome lined barrels??
  213. L1A1 with G3 trigger housing
  214. L1A1 Kit on ARF.com
  215. $50 barrels at Apex
  216. This brake for a fal?
  217. Are Australian barrels still around?
  219. ID this stock please
  220. Someone got a deal
  221. British 2nd gen L1A1 handguards?
  222. Centerfire systems L1A1 stock 3 packs (What I scored)
  223. C1A1 Type 1 Receiver
  224. Thank you all here for the help/wisdom in completing this build
  225. Cheap CAI L1a1's
  226. Enfield, 1983 dated rifle??!
  227. Barrel ID...Indian?
  228. Another "what is it?"
  229. Metric mags in US made inch receiver
  230. What have I got here
  231. FN C1A1 Deactivated
  232. What butt Plate
  233. Passing Gas
  234. Canadian butt plates?
  235. Auzzy L1A1 Question
  236. L1A1 Sporter
  237. Lithgow Singapore contract L1A1's
  238. WTK bbl maker
  239. U.S. made inch magazine floorplates
  240. Canadian Stripper clip top cover
  241. Pin Question
  242. Australian and British L1A1 Are they identical?
  243. L1A1s, FALs and the Grenada Intervention
  244. Century L1A1 with 'stuck' gas adjustment system
  245. L2a1 reproduction progress
  246. Thought on British build please
  247. Metric stripper clip cover in inch receiver?
  248. Pat Jones' barrels
  249. Aussie PNG Barrels and flashhider
  250. Value Help