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  1. California Supreme Court: Cops can use evidence found in illegal stops
  2. Let's discuss AMMO ENCODING now!
  3. How NOT to respond to gun confiscation
  4. Local take on CCW and gun sales; Spokane, WA.
  5. AR15 legality
  6. Shrill calls for gun bans - Boston Globe
  7. Letter to my Senator
  8. Houston you ARE the PROBLEM!
  9. WaPo even has an antigun SPORTS writer...calls for repeal of 2A!
  10. 2ND amendment from a victim's point of view
  11. Obama post ban question
  12. MSSA's Self-defense Bill - 2009
  13. Untold Story of Election 2008: The Death of the NRA
  14. National Parks to Allow Right-to-Carry
  15. In lean times, SoCal residents trade guns for food
  16. Attention WA residents!
  17. Texas may allow CHL on campus
  18. Tennessee CCW information
  19. Ammunition Accountability Act
  20. For those who have no worries about what's coming
  21. Massachusetts, anti-gun since 1780. First RKBA violation in US
  22. Australia - Military-style guns will no longer be imported
  23. Olofson update from GOA
  24. Assault Weapons Ban HR6257
  25. *
  26. Brady BOOBS at it again
  27. AWB newspeak
  28. New Ammo confiscation legislation
  29. BATFE is running out of 4473's
  30. Congress' plan would let AG 'ban guns at will'
  31. AWB Battle Coming SOON !
  32. Interesting Read
  33. A common position??
  34. Memorandum on Arms and Freedom
  36. Gun rights column
  37. Assisted-opening knives on tenuous ground in TX?
  38. OK are these people on "CRACK" -part II
  39. Gun control video - from your local criminal
  40. Blue Press on gun ownership
  41. Opinion piece in Az Daily Star
  42. SWAT team searches gun-rights supporters
  43. Eric Holder's confirmation hearing today..."cop killer bullets"!
  44. A question about the last AWB
  45. VA-ALERT: Urgent Legislative Update! 1/18/09
  47. BATF Backs off on "Manufacturer" Definitions.
  48. A short, sweet letter to President Obama
  49. VA-ALERT: Legislative ACTION ITEM 1/23/09
  50. VA-ALERT: More ACTION ITEMS 1/24/09
  51. Please Hit This Gun Poll.
  52. AWB
  53. USA Toady never heard of Heller... Hit this Poll
  54. Bill to Criminalize Expired Licenses and Photograph all firearms...
  55. VA-ALERT: Legislative Update / ACTION ITEMS 1/26/09
  56. VA-ALERT: - 1/26/09 more action items pouring in
  57. VA-ALERT: 1/27/09 Action items and Legislative Update
  58. Florida Senate candidate calls for AWB
  59. turning Pistol into Rifle Legal ?
  60. Firearm and Owner Licensing Bill In House
  61. VA-ALERT: Good night for Gun Owners! 1/29/09
  62. TX FFL Question
  63. VA-ALERT: Gun show bill vote this Monday
  64. VA-ALERT: Urgent Action Items - Legislative Update 2/3/09
  65. Urgent help needed
  66. Michigan - Calhoun County voting to support gun ban, firemission
  67. Illinois FOID? now I am a Criminal?
  68. http://www.milliongunownermarch.com/
  69. Pro-2nd talking points, a guide.
  70. Brady Campaign Endorses Texas
  71. Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  72. VA-ALERT: Norfolk LOSES to Danladi Moore, again!
  73. Anti-gun Land Bill On The Move
  74. Fed Court says 2nd does not apply to States
  75. TN carry permit holder search
  76. What is the Holt Bill?
  77. Is a 30-40 Krag on the C&R list?
  78. Shipping ammo to Cali?
  79. Marine vet thrown out of Oregon school
  80. Congressman Eliot Engel - ban parts kits
  81. Democrat Proposes Law Requiring Firearm Owners Have $1,000,000 Insuran
  82. Montana: "The last best place"
  83. Heller sequels move along
  84. State Department Floating Ammo Import Ban
  85. Stimulus bill anti gun provisions?
  86. VA-ALERT: Legislative Update 2/19/09!
  87. WalMart asked for DL# and SS# for ammo purchase
  88. Interesting way to train soldiers...posse comitatus, hm?
  89. VA-ALERT: ACTION ALERT 2/21/09
  90. Montana may suspend NICS for in state guns
  91. Lefties try to tighten the noose...
  92. Gun owners lose big
  93. Important Gun Vote In The Senate
  94. VA-ALERT: Improved restaurant ban repeal passes House and Senate!
  95. Here we go
  96. GOA update: Two Pro-gun Amendments Being Blocked In The Senate
  97. Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban
  98. Attention PA Residents!.....ctx
  99. Pelosi- AWB not needed? WTF?
  100. New info on Federal gun ban from "The Hill"
  101. All Americans should see this
  102. Gun bans and Reuplicans
  103. Senate upholds Heller in D.C.
  104. Title 27 Part 478.40
  105. CSU Professor Called Police After Student Presentation
  106. We are not alone........
  107. GOA update: Senate Repeals D.C. Gun Ban By Large Vote
  108. VA-ALERT: ACTION ITEM: Restaurant Ban Repeal
  109. Rusmilitary.com- "Your package has been detained by customs"
  110. And the hunt for a lead ammo ban is ON!
  111. "GUN BAN NEWS"!!!!!
  112. Law suit - DC refuses to register wrong-colored handgun
  113. Texas Amateur radio operators get the attention of the law makers
  114. Obama hints at a possible ban in the next few months
  116. DHS Proposes U.S. Gun Laws to Fight Mexican Drug Cartel Violence
  117. USA POLL
  118. GOA update -- Land grab bill coming back, again
  119. LA Times article on guns in Mexico!
  120. Land grab bill coming back,again
  121. Anyone hear of the Blair Holt bill?
  122. Gun Advocates Ready for Battle on Federal Assault Weapons Ban
  123. Marine Amputee Acquitted On Gun Possession Charges
  124. VA Governor "orders" no open carry in state parks
  125. 65 Dem Reps Oppose A.G. Holder's Comments
  126. A Common Sense Commentary On Gun Control
  127. Federal Judge grants Brady's motion to invalidate National Park Carry
  128. Concealed Carry in National Parks
  129. Fort campbell commander rescinds gun registration order
  130. Albany County's ammunition sales law is way out of step
  131. License to sell ammunition
  132. GOA update: Battle Over Gun Rights On Federal Land Continues
  133. If you are an FFL in a S. border state, "you gonna get raped"...
  134. Illinois HB48 Defeat and My State Rep
  135. Americans don't buy this tripe, but Clinton does.
  136. VA-ALERT: Governor Kaine vetoes a host of gun bills
  137. Obama to intimidate gun buyers in Houston
  138. Does the 2nd amendment apply to federal personel?
  139. VA-ALERT: ACTION ITEM - Veto override
  140. Respectful comments please
  141. Koward Kerry pushes for a ban on weapon imports...
  142. Kerry too front and center
  143. New pro-gun laws in Utah
  144. Full Auto???
  145. Health Plan Threatens to Feed Your Gun Data Into a National Database
  146. Mass Shootings & The Media
  147. Join NRA For Free!
  148. More from the opposition.....
  149. Petition OPPOSING More Gun Control.
  150. The Essential "Stop the AW Ban" Contact List & Sample Letter Thread!
  151. Fire mission: FOX news needs to get the picture
  152. Pelosi: 'We Want Registration'; Holder: 2A Won't 'Stand in the Way'
  153. Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act
  154. Anne Coulter - Let's all surrender our weapons – you first!
  155. Please Hit This Poll Regarding Gun Laws.
  156. 66 House democrats oppose AW Ban
  157. Contact your US Representative - assault weapons ban
  158. Feinstein will NOT pursue AWB now
  159. MSNBC & NYT vs 2nd Amend. Foundation
  160. 6 Va. Democrats flip flop & vote to limit military to 1 handgun/year
  161. Let's kill the new Bloomberg Ad
  162. Lou Dobbs gun-poll - CNN
  163. Donald Trump on the pirates
  164. Registration nonsense
  166. The Truth About Ballistic Fingerprinting
  167. Buying a FAL receiver out of state - What's the law?
  168. Here we go!
  169. coon FAL
  170. Bad quotes?
  171. Gun Dealer Found an Ally in the Bloomberg Administration
  172. Face The Nation
  173. 2A is incorporated in the 9th circuit!!
  174. Washington Times steps up the game
  175. Interesting Milwaukee JS article.
  176. Tidy Idea
  177. Are you licensed to reload that ammo?
  178. no more auto searches incident to arrest if subject already secured
  179. Senators to Push for Closing of the Gun Show Loophole
  180. Mags to Kalifornia.....Question.....
  181. Please Hit This Poll.
  182. Is a FTF sale legal between NJ and NY residents?
  183. H.R.45 to impose mandatory registration PLEASE READ!!!!
  184. Lautenberg gun show bill as bad as expected : S 843
  185. C&R Legality Question
  186. Jimmy Carter backs AWB renewal
  187. Your Guns will be Toast soon.
  188. Why don't I live in Texas?
  189. Change to Urban Policy...
  190. NYS Insanity
  192. and away we go
  193. South Africa - Gun-owner groups up in arms
  194. Obama Intends To Subvert The 2d Via Treaty
  195. NRA-PVF
  196. Increased 2nd support.
  197. My ATF letter (and reply) on 922r clarifications
  198. MT firearms vs Feds
  199. Homeland Security thinks YOU are a terrorist
  200. www.klif.com
  201. HR 739, The SAFE Act
  202. Texas joins the state firearms exemption party
  203. Global Gun Control
  204. The idea of state gun rights spreading?
  205. courts continue to retreat from the "free search" doctrine
  206. I didn't know Virginia had a "mental health court"
  207. Progress Made: Texas Campus Protection Act
  208. Our Public Teachers at Work for Brady
  209. FIRE MISSION -- National Parks carry moves forward in Senate
  211. Burden of proof in 922r case?
  212. 9th Circus on ROBERT WILSON STEWART JR Case
  213. Police arrest man for having ammo
  214. GOA update: On The Verge Of Victory
  215. He doesn't have rights?
  216. Guns in Parks, Poll. Please Hit It.
  218. NY Rino after your guns
  219. "Obama Declares War on America’s Gun Owners With Supreme Court Pick"
  220. First Amendment Rights Trampled by Pittsburgh College...
  221. SBR laws in Wash. St.?
  222. Appeals court upholds handgun ban in Chicago.
  223. Lou Dobbs Poll
  224. obscure interesting little poll
  225. Holder pledges to protect the rights of Muslims
  227. TN Firearms Freedom Act
  230. Sen, Orin Hatch sticks up for guns
  231. Sotomayor and Supreme's Heller decision
  232. MI/OH question
  233. A driveway backup cam is to "see who is following you"
  235. Senator Lautenberg is at it again....
  236. Hit this CNN poll
  237. 80% of folding knives will be banned...
  238. Hey look at this turd.
  239. GOA alert: Vote Coming to Confirm Anti-gun Radical
  240. June 5 is come and gone...
  241. Gun Control: What Is the Agenda?
  242. Note From a Cop
  243. Maryland, the laws. Please read sellers.
  244. Bring Your Gun To Church Day
  246. Wal-Mart ammo buyer lists.
  247. ATF and license plates at gun shows
  248. England - What next?
  249. URGENT Knife Rights Alert: Write Your Senators NOW!
  250. Harold Fish Shooting Case Sent Back to Trial