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  1. Thank you Jen
  2. So what do you all carry?
  3. Favorite Holster for CCW
  4. This section needs a name. How about...
  5. CCW from State to State
  6. S.C. Right to Carry Reform Bills
  7. CCW permit applications on the rise
  8. Good pocket holster for small auto's?
  9. cz-52
  10. Airlines
  11. When recommending to a friend PLEASE...
  12. What is your State's CCW Reciprocity?
  13. the day we hope never comes
  14. Ruger CEO does not fully support armed citizens
  15. Fannypack/holsters
  16. Georgia CCW License Reform Vote
  17. Wild Bills belts and holsters
  18. One last time...
  19. Cool Link for Veterans
  20. Pizza Hut needs some phone calls/letters
  21. Video of an armed encounter with a burglar (OH)
  22. Senator Vitter To Offer Concealed Carry Reciprocity Amendment
  23. Texas CCL
  24. Gun-Free Zones
  25. IWB Holster - Need Recommendation
  26. PA-63 - What Holster?
  27. backpack with integrated holster, know a source?
  28. Vitter To Introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity
  29. New holster trading site
  30. P3AT
  31. Retired Marine + CCW =
  32. Open Carry?
  33. Poll for carry on college campuses in Texas
  34. Magazines, Drop Them Or Keep Them?
  35. Anybody carrying a NAA .22 revolver?
  36. Rifle Technique...
  37. HK P7 for carry?
  38. Wayne Co. CCW - Wait?
  39. Does anyone carry while riding a bike?
  40. Brigade Security Forces
  41. gun rust
  42. West Town Mall Knoxville Tn
  43. Any High Standard Derringer fans out there?
  44. Crossbreed IWB tuckable holster
  45. open carry issue in ohio
  46. Bass Pro Shop, Knoxville TN
  47. What Belt
  48. Pulled Over While Carrying...
  49. CCW in Colorado
  50. CCW or Gray man
  51. CZ 2075 "RAMI"
  52. Oregonians, WTH ???????
  53. How do you secure your handgun in your car?
  54. Home defense reminder
  55. TX - Homeowner Blows Away Would-Be Home Invaders
  56. One man against a mall-shooter?
  57. TSA requirements
  58. Couple of incidents/ reasons to have a gun
  59. We know this Won't happen in the USA! Will it?
  60. Shoulder holster recomendations please
  61. Walther PPS or Kahr CW.40
  62. Rapist came back a second time
  63. Kahr P45 ... Anyone know anthing about these?
  64. WOOT.....Utah CCW came in the mail
  65. HR-218 Firearms Compliance Certificate available in S.W. Florida
  66. Open Carry (and the facebook group for Colorado)
  67. Anyone here in the Springs able to teach CCW?
  68. Carrying concealed handgun in car in Harris County
  69. U P D A T E - U R G E N T ! ACTION REQUIRED!!!
  70. US Marshals Backup Weapon Qualification - What is it?
  71. Got a nice one for carry.
  72. Shotgun for Personal Defense
  73. Hey, what's the law on this situation?
  74. indoor hearing protection to keep around
  75. Propper Training
  76. Armed scarecrow catches robber in Virginia Beach
  77. Holster suggestions?
  78. Thoughts on pocket carry & spare mag holder
  79. Ted Nugent Interview...
  80. FannyPack Taurus 38 rev. holster?
  81. Best concealed carries I have seen!
  82. Armed American Radio
  83. OC prevents robbery............
  84. Any reason to still be carrying a revolver?
  85. Texas DPS Policy to Run CHL's HG's thru NCIC
  86. Concealed carry - Facts - Myths - General Discussion
  87. Cheap bellyband holster thoughts
  88. Hurray! Iowa is now "Shall Issue"
  89. Friday Afternoon Driving Adventure
  90. CT - NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course 7/10/10
  91. multiple CCW's = multiple "coverage"
  92. West Point Grad-CHL Holder Slain by Las Vegas PD
  93. CC Weapon Escalation
  94. 11 yr old girl uses pink rifle against burglars - NM
  95. Firearms prohibited in Federal Facility. CCW holders too???
  96. Heads UP North Carolina Memebers.
  97. DA Drops Charges Against 2 Illegals - Home Owner Could Face Charges
  98. Recommendations on a single stack 9mm for CCW
  99. Detached carry of a weapon mountable light
  100. Dog Attack
  101. Pocket holster for S&W Model 642?
  102. Ruger LCP
  103. Bullet effectiveness in DEFENSE
  104. Concealed carry foils armed robbery in my town this morning.
  105. Would you hit this?
  106. What kind of CCW holster
  107. Info needed, VA, WV, KY
  108. Glad I don't live in Kaliformia
  109. Who has a Kel Tec PF9?
  110. Christmas Present to Myself
  111. CCW permit process ?
  112. My new CCW weapon
  113. I Finally Caved In
  114. Carry auto recommendation
  115. Kholsters, anyone have one?
  116. Tales of the Fighting Parrot
  117. Connecticut - NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course 1/14/12
  118. Looking for IWB mag pouch
  119. WTK-Florida out of state concelaed permit
  120. Milwaukee Aldi customer won't be charged in shooting
  121. CCW Incident - Done Right
  122. Detroit citizens no longer rely on police as self-defense killings skyrocket
  123. 90 year old man vs. home invader
  124. Tactical Response Training – Try Not To Shoot The Photographer
  125. “Good guy” shoots, kills home invader
  126. Utah CCW class, SW Chicago suburbs
  127. New Mexico changes its recognition
  128. Nevada Question
  129. Grandma : 1 , Goblins : 0
  130. New Mexico CHL reciprocity
  131. Recent lecture by Massad Ayoob on SYG
  132. When prostitutes are the better shots...
  133. 2 more bad guys gone
  134. 14-year-old Phoenix boy :1 Armed intruder : 0
  135. Hit This Poll At Denver Post On CC
  136. tips on flashlight usage
  137. San Antonio CCW incident
  138. Old guy did good
  139. IWB 1911 holster recommendations
  140. Kentucky 92-year-old shoots burglar
  141. Miami Classic to VHS changeover?
  142. Fratricide - encounters gone wrong
  143. Online CHL
  144. The Shortest Horror Movie Ever
  145. 'Now it's my turn': Greenbrae man, 90, vs burglar
  146. Didn't have to draw, but glad I was armed
  147. Missouri bank president pulls gun, nabs masked robber
  148. $20 mil David Weber Lawsuit: Ex-SEC Investigator
  149. AutoZone
  150. About damn time...US Appeals Court strikes down Illinois CCW ban
  151. Father starts unarmed, winds up with .22LR
  152. Nick Melli and the Clackamas Mall
  153. Michigan approves concealed weapons in schools, churches
  154. New York Gestapo Paper Publishes Map of Area Gun Owners
  156. Woman hiding with kids shoots intruder
  157. Armed home invasion...fail...
  158. My wife want to carry. Which weapon?
  159. bad guy lost
  160. Hollister Online Shop 01977-Mr Bradley believes
  161. Granma : 1 / Five Thugs : 0
  162. Finally getting my instructor certification this weekend!
  163. Concealed carry, the best
  164. What is your "woods walking" carry and how do you carry it?
  165. Law student pushes back
  166. How many of you pack heat for a Dr's appointment?
  167. April 27-28th MTC defensive handgun lvl 1 with chris collins from top shot.
  168. New carry Law in CT clarification.
  169. This Gun Radar Could Make Concealed Carry Obsolete
  170. Do not do this.
  171. General question about carrying in car
  172. Old Guy: 1 Escaped Convict: 0
  173. Two CC Road Ragers Kill Each Other
  174. Armed Civilians at Westgate Mall, Nairobi
  175. People with ZERO situational awareness
  176. in Virginia: can you open carry if you CCW as well?
  177. time to change the subject
  178. Off duty cop fatally shoots robber at gas pump
  179. Illinois concealed carry classes
  180. Rockwell Tactical - Battle Rifle 101 - April 17th, 2014
  181. Summertime Carry
  182. current state of racism
  183. Mo. lawmakers expand gun rights
  184. CCW in Virginia - can I still open carry?
  185. Coroner sez “shoot the idiots and call the Coroner!”
  186. Pistols, Boxing + Jiu-Jitsu, & Airsoft + Full Contact Training
  187. DAVAD defense to conduct training at GTR facility in Waukegan.
  188. Long range M&P 9mm
  189. DC's "Special Danger"
  190. Who wants to have some fun?
  191. New GTR sports range Waukegan
  192. M & P Shield
  193. Shootouts happen fast.
  194. Taser C2 for wife?
  195. Kentucky carry-do not renew online
  196. 'Swatting' Danger from anti-2A operatives
  197. Why journalists carry guns in the Philippines
  198. Son shoots father during staged home invasion
  199. Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings?
  200. Vehicle steering column holster
  201. Carry habits.
  202. Appendix carry
  203. DAVAD defense/ Dsarms Illinois concealed carry.
  204. LEOSA
  205. Concealed Carry Gun Looks Like a Smartphone
  206. Self Defense "insurance"??
  207. NAA .22 WMR PUG w/laser...
  208. Custom holster recommendations
  209. Versacarry IWB holsters
  210. Defensive pistol and Carbine class.
  211. Kimber Micro 380
  212. PSA. Brush 'em off, wipe 'em down, oil'er up.
  213. suggestion for IWB holster for ruger LCP?
  214. I have to brag a bit...
  215. New Thread
  216. .380 with grip safety?
  217. New, New Thread
  218. conceiled carry insurance/help service
  219. Alternative Lifestyle Defense Tactic
  220. national concealed carry bill introduced
  221. Missouri's new CCW law 2017
  222. Ruger LCP belt clip
  223. Shot in the Junk in the land of Hank Hill
  224. I know how to redesign Taco Bell's Advertising Campaign
  225. Extra Mag Carry
  226. Must have item for all CCW folks
  227. S & W M&P Shield
  228. The Drawbacks of Open Carry
  229. "Am I shot?" - "Oh F**k Yeah!" (LMAO)
  230. What is everyone on here carrying these days?
  231. When you don't have any bullets, what do you do?
  232. Engagements
  233. Federal court finds for worker fired by company after keeping gun in vehicle
  234. Alabama Self-Defense shooting at McDonnalds
  235. Is this legit: usconcealedonline CHL
  236. Alien Gear ShapeShift