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  1. New Home Sales down 33% month over month
  2. A glimmer of hope: some interesting shipping news
  3. Dylan Ratigan, finally someone SCREAMS it
  4. KD unlocked his entire site today
  5. Wow... even CNBC cheerleaders stop cheering...
  6. A Blast From The Past... 3 Years On
  7. OK, so what mechanisms cause the false mid-spike in a DOUBLE DIP??
  8. Time to sit back and watch the show guys
  9. A 'boots on the ground statistic' that bodes well
  10. Mark - you see what happened to the futures when China reported?
  11. Howard Davidowitz---Obama "Mr. Mass Destruction"
  12. Denninger calls out CNBC - classic
  13. GM to do stock offering; short me please!
  14. Sheeple in PRMass pay $40k+ for $8k tax "credit" on home buys...
  15. Biggest defaulters on mortgages are the rich
  16. Debt Commission Leaders Paint Gloomy Picture
  17. So The Economy Is Getting Better, Really?
  18. Secret gold swap has spooked the market
  19. Hate to say it but the mkt may rocket higher
  20. This economy is killing people
  21. More Joy from Karl...
  22. BP calls looking pretty good right now from 3 days ago.
  23. HA - the mkt no likey the consumer sent. #
  24. So I had dinner with a 40 yr mkt veteran tonight
  25. Where has capital gone?
  26. Hmm... Another of the PIIG's gets downgraded...
  27. When is a tax not a tax?
  28. Former Intel Chief makes sense
  29. Another really good oc from Karl today
  30. Dodd - Frank - The Smoot-Hawley of the 21st Century?
  31. Expiration of BUSH Tax Cuts - The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon
  32. Making Profits Offshore
  33. White House Jobs Chart Proves Stimulus Worked As Planned
  35. Wal-Mart vs the Morons
  36. More great doomer porn
  37. Islamic Gold Dinar
  38. Unemployment big picture
  39. Dow End of 2010?
  40. High Frequency Trading
  41. Oh the poor Rich soaked with TAXES!
  42. August Surprise????
  43. It Can't Happen Here
  44. More Good News-- An Emerging Plutonomy
  45. The FED, Gold, Constitutional $, Money Theory
  46. Peter Schiff: "We're in the Early Stages of a Depression"
  47. Why we will never compete with the Chinese in Manufacturing.
  48. Denninger is on a roll today
  50. dammit obammer !!!
  51. NO MORE!
  52. This should piss you off...
  53. If you are in - GET OUT!
  54. The Secrets of Oz, full length Movie
  55. Another hosing is coming
  56. Custom is old but the houses are new.
  57. TF calling another Hindenburg today!
  58. gates, get in here...
  59. Hindys unknown - heh...
  60. What are your favorites?
  61. Municipal Bonds
  62. A Few Stock Picks
  63. Mathmatical proof that we're phucked
  64. More happy talk...
  65. 'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years.
  66. Foreclosure-proof?
  67. For Chrs and Jokker -
  68. McHugh confirmed the Hindy omen
  69. HOLY COW - you guys watch "American Greed"?
  70. How we can (and will) get Hyperinflation
  71. Stimulus Program Cost More than Iraq War
  72. New 1099 Reporting Requirement...GOLD!
  73. Destroying the Wealth of the Middle Class
  74. Would this have worked?
  75. This will blow your hair back...
  76. Be Of Good Cheer
  77. Heh - cats out of the bag now...
  78. Intel CEO nails it
  79. Sliced Bagel,Taxes on Top
  80. KD on how to fix the economy
  81. Stock Market Close Tomorrow?
  82. Can anyone get on TF this morning?
  83. more proof - repubs and dems - two cheeks on the same ass...
  84. Another good Ticker from KD tonight...
  85. New paradigm - the stock mkt IS the economy!
  86. Global Collapse of the Fiat Money System: Too Big To Fail Global Banks
  87. Awesome chart...
  88. Stimulate Economy with a 90% Tax on Top Earners
  89. Banking Crisis Worsens
  90. Ran across an interesting thesis...
  91. Dangerous Economic Misconceptions
  92. HORY SHEET - check this out:-)
  93. Hmm...
  94. Dodging the Rising Cost of Food
  95. Euro News
  96. 1% Transaction tax?
  98. Huh,Greece still has problems.......
  99. Poverty Makes Gainful Strides
  100. Today's observations...WOW!
  101. Municipal bond......Failure
  102. Jokker - just for you...
  103. Roger Wiegand Rant-
  104. United States Joint Forces Command Warns that Huge U.S. Debt Might Lea
  105. Are we in deflation now?
  106. Gold at $1270 and Hyperinflation
  107. WOW - considering the ramifications...
  108. WTK - Rising Inventories
  109. The argument for Mad Max
  110. Corp. Liquidity
  111. Pretty good piece on whats coming...
  112. Food-makers ready to raise prices
  113. Robert Prechter: We're On The Verge Of The Biggest Bear Market In 300
  114. Norfolk,VA Lightrail Money Troubles
  115. Hmm... Obummer admitted we are a BK Nation today...
  116. Try THIS on for size...
  117. UK Proposes All Paychecks Go To State First
  118. Currency moves?
  119. Jobs Picture Gets Worse in 27 States
  120. some interesting patterns in the mkts
  121. Huh? Yep... an it's even from CNBC.
  122. Hey professors... tell us the truth!
  123. A sober view of reality - REALLY well written
  124. Paycheck Fairness Act
  125. What's happening with the Commercial Real Estate self-destruct?
  126. China Rises and Rises,Yet Still Gets Foreign Aid
  127. Obama's scorched earth economic policy...
  128. A very technical ZH editorial on what QE2 might do to the USA
  129. Need a good set of gold ETFs I can...
  130. Let's be happy for a moment...
  131. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Shut Down the Fed
  132. The ONLY Reason Stocks have Rallied This Week
  133. Here's a hum dinger...
  134. Gates - Check GD - help needed with trusses . . .
  135. Heh - now Bill Gross is on the KD bandwagon
  136. Currency wars
  137. Stop moaning, start spending...
  138. Unraveling
  139. Bailout for States and More Real Estate Trouble Coming,Whitney says
  140. Recession Not Over, Double-Dip or Worse Coming
  141. Well... they made a movie about it...
  142. Breaking News The US Mint Announces 33% Silver American Eagle Price Ri
  143. China very busy Snapping up Global Resources
  144. The concept of FINITE:
  145. $5 Gas
  146. IMF: West is stuck in near depression
  147. Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.
  148. All right sports fans-might be time...
  149. Please educate me on QE 2
  150. Oil ETFs?
  151. Hmm... KD is going to throw in the towel
  152. $1500 oz Gold in 2010?
  153. September= 225% annualized Inflation rate!
  154. Denninger - "Buy Guns"
  155. How The Housing Crisis Will End The U.S.A. As We Know It
  156. Super-rich investors buy gold by ton
  157. McDonalds,29 Other Firms Get Health Care Coverage Waivers
  158. Karl Denninger on MSNBC this P.M.
  159. 72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people
  160. $31, 000 per family per year x 75 years!
  161. GOTTA watch this
  162. Uh Oh!
  163. No Way Out
  164. Sydney mortgages ...
  165. Farrell and Taleb - Everyone is wrong, and the Fed may be dead by 2010
  166. have a "Good" mortgage?...your F&^%ed too!
  167. Here they come for the 401k's -
  168. No Inflation (According to Social Security)
  169. This should be good...
  170. KD's Open letter to the President...
  171. US cities face half a TRILLION dollars of pension deficits
  172. Time to contact your mortgage servicer boys!!!
  173. Muni Bond repudiation coming guys
  174. KD is mulling bugging out
  175. Silver Headed North
  176. Enough DOOM - how do we make $ off of it!
  177. Gold Explodes After Bernanke Gives QE2 Green Light: "Sees Case For Fur
  178. The Coming Collapse of the Real Estate Market
  179. Wanna See Some Depressing Charts??
  180. The new Anarchists
  181. Get A Free Home
  182. Short the TBTF Banks for Profit
  183. Foreclosure Crisis in Layman Terms
  184. Inflation vs Deflation
  185. Bill - I am glad you are back - welcome to the party!
  186. Is America on a Burning Platform?
  187. You want to see how bogus the stock mkt is!
  188. French retirement protests take violent turn
  189. Denninger on MSNBC again this afternoon
  190. visualizing obama's budget cuts
  191. KaBOOM!
  192. Ok Bill - this is your bailiwik - what say you?
  193. Here ya go Jokker - he says it much better than I...
  194. Bill - what do you think of this one?
  195. Would Social Security be solvent if ...
  196. Friendly suggestion
  197. Geithner Marxist Money Manager
  198. iDepression 2.0
  199. My greatest fear...
  200. The US Must Prepare For Savage Austerity
  201. Prepare NOW - The currency wars commeth
  202. junk silver coin ?
  203. The Quiet Coup
  204. Why we can't "inflate" the debt away
  205. This is what will stop Bernake and his inflation quest
  206. THIS is why voting probably won't work
  207. You guys seeing the futility of partianship?
  208. Here ya go Bill...
  209. I'm tired of this crap...
  210. Hmm - appears Denninger is as pissed as I am...
  211. CRAP!
  212. CHS just wrote a brilliant pc...
  213. You guys HAVE to watch Ratigan NOW
  214. If you think there is any validity
  215. Public APOLOGY to LIMEY!
  216. Margin Compression - why inflation will crush the mkts
  217. Ratigan is going after pension theft today
  218. The Gloom & Doom Cartoon/Pic thread
  219. Watched an older but FUN movie tonight!
  220. This is a really good piece!
  221. LOL Bill Gross calls the Fed a PONZI - oh the irony
  222. LOL you just can't make this shit up...
  223. Corrupting our politicians
  224. Denninger on "The Last Word" tonight, MSNBC
  225. Try this one on for size...
  226. More on Q.E. 2
  227. Chinese chase US debt defaulters
  228. Where to look to watch for dollar dumping?
  229. Electronic trading
  230. The Upcoming Election and the Markets.
  231. Demand for Guns, Food Stamps Indicates Uncertainty: Analyst
  232. Some damn good advice
  233. NIA Video
  234. Wow! This is really good stuff...
  235. Bernake - I'm a Damned Liar
  236. Commodities
  237. THE END GAME!
  238. Beck is covering KDs tickers from the last 2 days
  239. heh - here's why people are living rent free
  240. Heres the result of more QE - a formula - you'll like it
  241. Alant- here's your "Alternative solution"
  242. I would consider this a must read for this forum...
  243. Fannie and Freddie Still Bleeding Profusely
  244. Food Sellers Grit Teeth, Raise Prices
  245. Might want to spread this one around
  246. $10.2 Trillion in Global Borrowing
  247. A litlle FUN inside baseball
  248. Heh - looks like the currency war just went HOT
  249. "Land", aka real eastate, a hedge against inflation?
  250. More margin compression - this is what we want to watch guys