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  1. Can't Ben just buy them?
  2. getting harder to ignore
  3. Battle Lines being drawn..........?
  4. Games about over
  5. Showdowns Loom in California over Public Pensions
  6. William K Black on financial fraud
  7. Combat shopping - new for this season
  8. Unreported World - America - Down and Out
  9. Dominos are starting to fall
  10. Heh - we at TOLD YOU SO! time yet?
  11. Keep hoping Jokker will explain something to me..
  12. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Two years?
  14. Does this mean the FED can't help?
  15. What we are seeing this AM is desperation
  16. Serious Question
  17. more of the same...
  18. California groups jockey to put tax hikes on ballot
  19. Good read...
  20. Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6%!! Everything A-OK!
  21. Fed warns of social unrest
  22. Worth an hour - new Kyle Bass - a few days old
  23. Ann Barnhard t Unloads on MF Global/Corzine
  24. You folks might want to go over to Zero Hedge tonight...
  25. 46.3 million... FUGLY
  26. Missing link in the discussions and news . . .
  27. uh-oh!
  28. The matress is looking safer all the time
  29. USAA?? Any Dirt??
  30. one million asccounts before...
  31. I'd add a shortwave radio...
  32. awh...they'd never do that....here....
  33. Good piece from Zerohedge...
  34. Look who surfaced in China
  35. Pubic Sector Screwing Tax Payers
  36. Just spent some time with a Hedge Fund mgr tonight
  37. THIS is why listen to him - Denninger...
  38. Updated again: Silver under $27 and going DOWN!!
  39. MLS Listings=Many Lying Sales Professionals
  40. EVERYONE needs to understand this!
  41. Zero Hedge survival bob
  42. When ever I read CHS, I think of Jokker
  43. As things come into focus - we're able to better identify the problem
  44. This should cause a downgrade...
  45. So now they are stealing customers gold...
  46. MF Gambling with Customers Funds May Be Legal
  47. Haven't seen this posted...
  48. Howz that goes?Possession is?
  49. CHS hits another one out of the park
  50. Whew, they've finally fixed the problem...
  51. Is anybody REALLY surprized anymore
  52. Investments
  53. Once again, the mattress is still looking better.....
  54. Explain to me
  55. Thousands line up to buy gold in Iran
  56. Merry Christmas guys!
  57. A Little Hindsight from a AEP Piece
  58. “The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.”
  59. Obama to ask for debt ceiling hike
  60. New federal workers starting at higher pay
  61. Book review, my opinion
  62. Kyle Bass - Comex can't deliver the gold
  63. Caution: What won't work for them won't work for us.
  64. Denninger on with Max Keiser today...
  65. Questions for gates
  66. Geeee...........No GeeMMM
  67. "2012 - The Year Of Living Dangerously"
  68. The "Normalcy Bias" is strong here ...
  69. You have been warned
  70. Can you handle the truth?
  71. Whatever happened to the Joke?
  72. Peak Twinkies and Ho-Hos????
  73. I am gonna tell you a little story
  74. Naked Credit Default Swaps
  75. Inside Job on national television??
  76. Thanks for the low interest rate Bennie.....
  78. There IS no 'Unicorn" - for you Normalcy Biased Fal Filers...
  79. I wish I had this kind of optimism...
  80. Important personal event happened to me today...
  81. LOL - go over to Zero Hedge
  82. Posturing...
  83. Ann Barnhardt again...
  84. Coins
  85. Remember that reserve currency thread
  86. More basic math
  87. Meh... Soros just confirmed what we already know
  88. Denningers state of the union - posted it today
  89. Who would have guessed this?
  90. Happy Anniversary
  91. It appears I'm not alone with my reserve currency theory
  92. Well - something fairly important happened today...
  93. Housing Market Recovery...
  94. Good take on whats going on in the mkt
  95. Saw this this morning and passed on posting it
  96. GDP miss...
  97. Woo Hoo!... trade war
  98. ug ly
  99. Is this Americas future?
  100. Oh Gates...
  101. The Iranian oil embargo blowback
  102. Look at this site
  103. You can see why Europe is Toast after reading this...
  104. Well... we have a timeline
  105. Heh - cogitate on this one for awhile...
  106. This is the way it really is:
  107. Just asking
  108. EXCELLENT thread - take you a week to read it
  109. Coming to a country near you
  110. There seem's to be a lot of "OH SHIT" going on right now on the FF...
  111. And justice for all...
  112. Now they have gone and done it...
  113. Why Are the Chinese Buying Record Quantities of Gold?
  114. Interested in buying PM
  115. man... you HAVE to watch this
  116. Kyle Bass - DON"T sell your GOLD
  117. Obamas record on jobs.....
  118. Journalists creating new Jobs.......
  119. The sinking petrodollar
  120. The Vote Pump
  121. Insider Selling
  122. Umm, where are all the muni BOND DEFAULTS?
  123. Oh,goody...a paycut...
  124. Cut a thousand programs like this one...
  125. Its a cozy relationship...
  126. Anyone here think we don't end up hyper inflating?
  127. Michigans Economy is Improving
  128. Timetable For Athens Default
  129. Calling JOKKER - time to eat crow...
  130. Trillions In Fake Bonds
  131. When the dollar tanks
  132. FoxxCon: You likely have no clue how big this Co is...
  133. About that bigger more controlling Govt that is coming
  134. Does this mean all the "R's" on the files will now vote for him?
  135. THIS is what "they" are really after folks - this is the end game
  136. A couple of must watch videos
  137. Make or break year
  138. Another reason to read the TF
  139. Join the 36%ers....
  140. In a recovery...
  141. I lol'd...
  142. Heh.. Watching "Kelly's Hero's"
  143. Whats after the Petrodollar??
  144. The inflation crystal ball
  145. Commercial Real Estate Revisited...
  146. The Fat Lady is starting to sing gents
  147. The New Ammo Crises is under way....
  148. Really good Denninger Blog talk today
  149. One for Thor
  150. Silver up $10 in 60 days!!
  151. LOL RP just donkey punched Bernake on live TV:-)
  152. How Greece could take down Wall Street
  153. Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed
  154. Gates
  155. A World in Debt - infographics
  156. uh.. you might want to pay attention to this
  157. We close to ka-boom?
  158. Empire building = Blood money
  159. China reduces holdings of US govt bonds
  160. Cause,effects,and the Fallacy of a return to Normal
  161. derivitives question
  162. Hah - if you are still in the mkt you have been warned
  163. Woman wins 1M in lottery, continues to collect food stamps
  164. The Swiss think we are full of shit and want their gold back
  165. WINNING!
  166. This is what the "end game" looks like
  167. I just can't see how this could go wrong..
  168. Gunshop taking silver coins for guns
  169. Greece-Harder Default to Come
  170. Quick Junk silver Question
  171. On the Job Numbers Discrepancy
  172. ILA gives Wen Jiabo Award for Creating Jobs in US
  173. Prime Rate - What should it be? . . .
  174. ArchDruid Nails the historical again . . .
  175. Heads up guys
  176. Guys you BETTER own some gold and silver...
  177. Um - you guys know what this means right?
  178. Got my taxes done........
  179. More signs of pending Chinese Econ Collapse
  180. Hey gold bugs
  181. Another choice, expatriation
  182. Heh - the Turks want the peeps gold...
  183. Mortgage got you down?
  184. More salted gold uncovered
  185. Crisis Averted-Unemployment down to 8.3%
  186. Wanna know why the stock mkt is up 100%
  187. JFK and the FED Reserve . . .
  188. South Africe to back Renminbi as International Currency
  189. The Fed Is Now Buying European Government Bonds
  190. New EPA regs
  191. I posted this in a thread, but gates needs to make sure he reads it...
  192. Oil Company Profits
  193. Let me ask you
  194. Money problems?We don't have money problems........
  195. Gasoline Consumption
  196. BTFD
  197. Proof positive...
  198. $7 TRILLION spent and still no recovery
  199. Thomas Kinkade dies
  200. Ho ho, hi ho, off to Weimar we go...
  201. gold prices to jump
  202. Stock Market Volume
  203. Here's your volume 2BA
  204. U.S. Posts Biggest March Deficit In HISTORY
  205. Tell me what you think
  206. Farming & agriculture the future of wealth in America?
  207. Folks I know this is beating a dead horse...
  208. U.S. Economy in better shape to handle higher gas prices-Geithner
  209. A worthwhile 8 minutes...
  210. If you are still hazy on our monetary system
  211. Excellent pc from ZH this A.M.
  212. Question about buying silver
  213. How to INVEST?
  214. Hmm... more capital controls - Spain this time...
  215. Feds eye retirement-fund tax
  216. Is the White House Manipulating Natural Gas?
  217. financial terrorism
  218. Four years of Denninger condensed into one document
  219. What would happen if the Fed just stopped printing?
  220. You guys know Jim Sinclair?
  221. red flags up
  222. The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week: April 27
  223. What Obama is REALLY spending...
  224. Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman
  225. 5 times worse?
  226. Joe Six Pak is catching on...
  227. Illustration of why it IS different "this time"
  228. WOW - but not at all surprising
  229. Not Worried Yet…You Should Be
  230. Truth
  232. Got to love a good thinking Brit...
  233. The bottom line about why this cannot be fixed
  234. Check Out J P Morgan gates
  235. Insider Robert Rubin warns of major econ trouble pending
  236. America's Finished as World Super Power
  237. Here's how we fix the banks
  238. JP Morgan just got downgraded by Fitch
  239. Cartoons from the Great Depression
  240. Greece appears to be Gambling
  241. What Other Currencies to Hedge a Dollar Crash?
  242. Lawmakers stay largely silent over Chinese takeover of US bank branches
  243. Epiphany, not really
  244. Silver under $28 and headed down!
  245. "Greece will leave the Euro"
  246. Here is why you want to have cash on hand
  247. That which is unsustainable will go away (Medicare)
  248. Another 2008-Style Crisis
  249. Good deal on 1 oz silver rounds .99 over spot
  250. Emergency G8 (no protesters) at Camp David