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  1. only one real fugging investment
  2. Silver Bugs... read immediately... Blythe on the run
  3. Deregulation Has a Down Side
  4. Boomers Meeting Morning in America
  5. Mozilo innocent
  6. When Money Dies
  7. Interest free banking
  8. Long, but interesting
  9. The End Game Approacheth
  10. Hey Jokker guess what - WSJ agrees with me and my "Boy"
  11. Ready for 200.00 oil?March 20th?
  12. GS whines about cuts in spending
  13. This Ticker is making the rounds
  14. Geithner feathers his, Ben's bonnets
  15. Yet ANOTHER finger pointing at Bernake
  16. Gates vs. Jokker
  17. This is VERY interesting!
  18. Heres another Blog to check out
  19. Excellent article on K-wave winter and stocks
  20. The threat of goverment power
  21. "Inside Job" wins an Oscar
  22. Hmm... and Jokker believes OIL caused this
  23. You bought gold..
  24. Point Blank Body Armor in trouble with the SEC
  25. Guys you HAVE to read this thread...
  26. TN Sovereign Currency?
  27. Bernake on RIGHT NOW on cnbc
  28. Teachers Unions
  29. Jim Cramer-Buy Gold
  30. Silver and Gold questions
  31. Wednesday cage match: Ron Paul vs. Bernanke
  32. More proof the gov't is cooking the books
  33. More SS and Medicare Unpleasantness
  34. Oh, Boy! New GSE's
  35. Civilian Conservation Corps
  36. Sub prime is BACK baby - cars
  37. 2008 Financial Terrorism Part 2
  38. Silver headed for 37.00 now $50.00 4-24-11
  39. Good Times are Almost Here
  40. Hey JOKKER suck on this:
  41. Uh... might want to start hoarding nickels guys...
  42. Some food for thought
  43. A slug is a slug..
  44. Carl Icahn returns $1.76B to investors
  45. ASH Wednesday
  46. Books on trading ETFs Stocks, etc...
  47. QE3 Coming but only after pain.
  48. "Inside Job"
  49. Denninger on the Rob McNealy show
  50. "Anonymous" hacker group to release BoA docs; will also target Fed
  51. Republicans To Repeal Financial Reform
  52. Chernobyl redux ?
  53. Japan and the USA
  54. And it will be backed by what?
  55. Charles Hugh Smith - When Things Fall Apart
  56. If any of you guys doubt Denningers mind...
  57. Bonds Backed Specifically By The Printing Press
  58. Fiat money does not like competition
  59. Fed Must Show Records
  60. The Incredible Shrinking Dollar
  61. PMI Fraud Cover Up by GSEs
  62. All the Hand Wringing Over $34 Silver 2 Weeks Ago
  63. Have a look at this one
  64. Economic Downturn is Inevitable - What to do?
  65. Workin' it . . .
  66. Meat prices raised $1/per pound
  67. "Qualitative easing" explained
  68. Excellent article on what is happening right now
  69. No-pay-taxo-magination?
  70. Davidowitz on Obama........"moron"
  71. Denninger on Cavuto's show tonight...
  72. SSI and pie-in-the-sky
  73. I thought we were outta the ditch???
  74. EXTREME Budget Cut Makeover, Jokker edition
  75. Wal-Mart warns of coming inflation
  76. What's that smell?
  77. We are a nation of takers,not makers
  78. An hour with KD explaining his take on a ton
  79. Here it comes..
  80. Here's your tax the rich answer Bill
  81. And our "Jokker" wonders why I hate on our Banks
  82. Three zeros
  83. Huh... Seems the IMF agrees with Denninger
  84. Judge chucks foreclosure awards home free and clear
  85. Lotsa told ya so's in this ZH piece
  86. SOMEBODY tell how this is sustainable
  87. Silver Naysayers
  88. MORE on Bernank and gas prices...
  89. We KNEW this was on the table
  90. Senate voted to repeal 1099 provision of health care bill
  91. A possible future for us?
  92. Denninger on Ratigan today - the budget
  93. Here's the answer to the budget issue Bill will not address.
  94. Consumer credit/school loans
  95. Here's how screwed we are
  96. Denninger you tube on budget deal
  97. Schiff was early but he is gonna be right in the end
  98. Members of the Fed are lying
  99. another take on things
  100. Last chance Bill
  101. Decent piece from Charles Hugh Smith
  102. Budgets: Fictions from the Left and Right
  103. So simple a caveman can undersand it
  104. Gates-Earnings Reports on July 1? How bad will they be w/ Japan
  106. TALF: What welfare for Rich Filth looks like!
  107. Toxic Twins - Fiat Currency and an activist Fed
  108. Con of the Decade
  109. Big Silver Bet, "Its gonna drop"!!
  110. Seeds of Their Own Destruction
  111. University of Texas Takes Delivery Of $1 Billion In Physical Gold
  112. Zoellick Says World Economy One Shock Away From Food Supply Crisis
  113. Try THIS shit on for size:-)
  114. S&P lowering US Debt rating to Negative
  115. How to ride the Silver Bubble!
  116. 2011 Gold Buffalos
  117. Blackhawks drop SWAT on top of BOA in Miami
  118. Denninger issues warning this AM
  119. PM confiscation
  120. Is china screwing us?
  121. THIS is how screwed our system is
  122. Are We Screwed?
  123. Is the bloom off the silver rose???
  124. Bernank: All is Well, No Problem.
  125. $600 trillion is a lot of money...
  126. Which camp are you in?
  127. WHOA NELLY, Silver down 30%!!!
  128. Give this a listen gents
  129. Bank of Mexico Buys 100 Tons of Gold
  130. Meredith Whitney stands by municipal bond default prediction
  131. Define What Middle Class Is.......
  132. Housing crash accelerating.........
  133. The Debt "Ceiling"-will it be raised?
  134. Retirement safe??
  135. Oil
  136. Chinese Frauds
  137. Ya you allready know this
  138. gates????
  139. More Bailouts
  140. Hedge Farm! The Doomsday Food Price Scenario Turning Hedgies into Surv
  141. The Soros (Gold) Selloff
  142. gold on the move
  143. Need opinions on what to do with funds
  144. Utah to accept Gold and Silver currency??
  145. Bitcoin ?
  146. Green shoots and QE3
  147. Remember this one? Big Silver Bet, "Its gonna drop"!!
  148. One angle on how it works
  149. Oil Markets Rigged by Democrats
  150. invest in your belly
  151. Q.E. 3 looks like like this...
  152. Does this get any traction?
  153. Here's reality boys...
  154. Friends of Angelo Mozilo
  155. Turnabout...
  156. where is our gold
  157. This will give you a good laugh...
  158. Cripes,where's the silver?
  159. Heh - the other 50% will figure it out soon enough
  160. US debt exceeds GDP - is this bad?
  161. Silver
  162. DJIA
  163. KITCO raided by Canadian Feds!!!
  164. What's in store for the future?
  165. Bachmann on Economics
  166. You should be scared...
  167. KD updated his 10 things you must do list
  168. Oh look add Jim Rogers to those that see what I see...
  169. Sytemic Risk is on High Alert
  170. Renaissance Warrior Has Passed On
  171. Poll on Social Security Age
  172. Where does one put their money these days?
  173. Misery index
  174. Trading Of PMs To Be Illegal
  175. Hmm... food for thought - without comment.
  176. Denninger has been summoned to Washington...
  177. CHS hits one out of the park...
  178. Kinda quiet around here
  179. is this true?
  180. The BIG question.
  181. Generic silver rounds
  182. "Let's not increase cereal prices..."
  183. Five worst places to be when the $ collapses
  184. Well - here's Denningers book
  185. "Retirement as we know it is dead."
  186. How do you buy hard silver under the radar?
  187. "Rich Dad" is prepping
  188. Think you can survive this alone?
  189. The Brits Dance With the Red Dragon
  190. Just a heads up...
  191. Here's the math - of failure...
  192. 3 years in perspective--video
  193. 1926 Advice
  194. Ecocomic Austerity in Greece
  195. 5th grade math this time
  196. This is EXACTLY why you can't tax your way out of our problem
  197. 7am to 11pm for 12.00 a day......
  198. HMM... didn't I say this recently...
  199. 7/1/11 Doomer Porn
  200. More writing on the wall
  201. Hmm... the plot thickens...
  202. 500 billion dollar ticking time bomb
  203. Please, discuss...
  204. Charts
  205. How do the markets respond to this?
  206. Houston IS the New Business Engine
  207. The promises that cannot be kept...
  208. UI numbers just blew chunks all over obamas party
  209. Warren Buffet's plan to end the deficit
  210. BOOM! if Boner does this...
  211. On To The Debt Ceiling Debacle
  212. More on the debt and debt ceiling from ZH
  213. Digby Sums This Austerity Crap Up
  214. Well this sucks...
  215. what? what? WHAT?
  216. Told ya they would fold...
  217. Serfs Up!
  218. Professional politicians smarter than the general public
  219. Quicksand....
  220. Suffocation....
  221. Even AlJazerra knows we are in trouble
  222. Situation is accelerating
  223. well well well - so SS is NOT at risk
  224. Gold has hit $1617./oz
  225. Here is your investment
  226. Drudge is reporting
  227. Silver lining
  228. Hundreds scramble for Dallas County rental vouchers
  229. Possible QE3 concerns China
  230. BMW layoffs
  231. Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels
  232. Oh Jokker, about those Banks that were not the cause
  233. POTUS pants on fire just did it again...
  234. Might be buying some land - Q about offers
  235. Gold isn't money?
  236. Obama Eliminates Warren as Consumer Head
  237. The truth about budgets
  238. Morning funnies - U.S. downgraded
  239. Now the ball is rolling - 2nd downgrade of U.S.
  240. Gold and silver,againsheve...
  241. Who cares?
  242. Oh,this is brilliant..
  243. No problem,let me get my wallet...
  244. Well crap
  245. Hey? Who took my lunch?
  246. Changing things - observation . . .
  247. copper rounds-.999 pure copper
  248. Federal Reserve Bank Audit
  249. Mass Layoffs Coming Back.
  250. More tanks in the streets threats from Paulson